"The weather is pretty bad today, isn't it?"

Today while I was waiting outside to be picked up a little boy on a bike stopped in front of me and said:
"Well..The weather is pretty bad today, isn't it?"
I smiled and said: "Yes it is."
And he continued: "Could you please tell me what time is it?"
"It's almost 2 o'clock."
I thought he would move on but he smiled and continued talking.
"What is your name?"
"Tiny. And yours?"
"I'm Joel. I'm six years old! What are you waiting for?"
"I'm waiting to be picked up and you?"
"I'm waiting until it is 7 o' clock pm so I can go back home."

We talked for 15 minutes and he insisted on escorting me.

I would have been way to shy to talk to a complete stranger when I was six years old.
This weird little boy really made my day :)


I said MAYBE

Overheard a couple of days ago:
A little boy and his mum are walking down the road behind me.
The little boys says totally reproachfull: "But Mum! I did not say that God is able to fly. I said maybe God is able to fly!"

His mum rolled her eyes but I had to smile.


All pics taken by Tiny (2010)
F. "We are like soulmates - but on a chocolate base!"



All pics taken by Tiny (2010)

Reminds me of a scene from Baz Luhrman's version of Romeo and Juliet


Nivea and decay

Overheard today in our hospital:

A.: "Do you know what old people smell like?"
D.: "Hm... Maybe a mixture of Nivea and decay?"

I love this city:

Berlin, the Central Station, the "Berliner Mauer"

All pics taken by Tiny


My new personal motto:

Picture taken by Tiny (2010)

Thanks to K. for giving me this postcard.
It says: "Still crying or are you already helping?"

I like  it :)

Quote of the day

  "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."
  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Random pics I made

All pics are taken by Tiny (2010)

Link love for your weekend

Very small but I hope you like it anyway :)

Will be visiting this store in Berlin: Chez Mélanie

Loved Gala Darling's Cherry on top on Sunday: Are you happy?

Kiss me, stupid

And somedays you wake up and there is a bear in your swimming pool..

Berlin is calling..

4 days left until we leave!



Second day

It's the second day of school and I already miss my work so much...
Anyway: Tiny will be visiting Berlin for the fourth/fith? (I dunno..) time at the end of the month and I'm already super excited. I love Berlin. PLUS: Galeries Lafayette! Meaning finally shopping at AP... YAY!

PLUS: I will be in Cologne at the very end of the month for something I kept mainly secret. So stay tuned!
Pictures will follow!


It's okay.

Today I saw the first dead person in my whole life.
He died slowly.
It took almost two days until he closed his eyes forever this morning at 6:15.
I knew him since I washed him a couple of days ago and his relatives were so friendly and caring.
They were with him for 1 1/2 days every single hour and they were so exhausted so I asked them why they wouldn't go home and sleep, shower or eat something.
They didn't wanted to leave him alone but yesterday evening they all went home because they were dead beat.
His daughter said: "I feel so terrible to say it but: Why can't he just die finally? His heart is sick since thirty years, why can't it just stop beating?"
The whole waiting and saying goodbye process wore them down.

When I arrived at my ward this morning Nurse A. told me: "You have to take care now of the other patients, Mr. H. died a few minutes ago and we will have to prepare everything."

I went in when I finished all the other work and looked at him.
It was okay.
He was looking peaceful.
The last few days he suffered so much.
I felt relieved.
P. and I  wanted to put his watch on again and at first I was scared to touch him.
Would he be cold as ice?
Would it feel weird?
It didn't.
He was still warm and to touch him was just like touching his arm when he was still alive.
When his relatives came they cried and wanted to be hugged for a little while.
It's strange how such a beautiful day can be so unbelieveable sad for someone.

I'm not sure how I feel right now but I guess it's alright.
I just think about things which seemed so important yesterday and somehow aren't since this morning.

I hope Mr. H. relatives will be okay.
I wish them all the best.

Link love

Okay it's already Saturday but I had seriously no time to post anything for the last three days.

There you go:

Lightwriting with drums

You are here The earth seen from the surface of Mars. Very romantic.

X-Ray Kiss Would have been even nicer if he did not have the fake tooth. But that's just me.

This is spinal tape! Aaaaaaawesome.

Rodney Smith takes beautiful pics.

Still calms me down every