The sound of bells or this will make me pretty nuts within a day.

Yesterday I worked at the ward in the new hospital where I will be working as a real nurse from October on. It's a cardiology ward and they have a lot of patients wearing a telemetry or who are connected with a monitoring system.

The alarm bell rang the whole fucking day.
It's like a wedding or Christmas Eve or when you're in a church or something.

Okay, this is a little over the top but it's pretty close :D

I said to a nurse: "Wow, how do you get along with that? It's driving me nuts already."
She replied: "Well.. You get used to it. After a while you only listen to the really important alarms."
and her colleague added: "When I started working here I woke up in the middle of the night in my bed because I heard the alarm bell for a flatline in my head."


Your weekly prescription

Did you know there was a gang in Brooklyn in 1959 called "The Jokers"?
Me neither but they looked pretty cool!

Twisted Vintage - absolutely NSFW! You know, you love it!^^

Showgirls playing chess. That's it.

The Dive-Bar, a place I would def. like to visit someday.

A blogger I appreciate very much summed up the whole situation with nurses, their self-image and that whole weird behaviour thingie in hospital (it's written in German, sorry.)

Cute flight attendants

If I had an own house I would like to have this in my bathroom!

Plus: A song that makes me dance instantly at the moment. It's "Shuffle" by Bombay Bicycle Club