The new ward I am working at has a lot of monitoring.. So there are different alarm bells.
A long tone if the cables disconnect (e.g. the patient left the bed to go to the toilet equals 95% of the alarms..) a faster two tone alarm if something is wrong with the ECG and a really fast two tone alarm for a flatline.

No lie: Something there is always ringing. I'm pretty amazed that I am still able to listen to music in my spare freetime because it's like the audio-overkill.
So a couple of one tone and slow two tone alarms were ringing and it sounded like this song I heard on my way to work:

I did two or three dancing steps down the hallway and entered a room to see if the patient was alright.

Two Doors Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know von MaisonKitsune

Sorry, pretty much music related things going on, but I'm working on a couple of posts about "Hospital" stuff already,

stay tuned!


Gotye feat. Kimbra "Somebody that I used to know"

Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds a bit like Sting in the chorus?


Almost a weekly prescription

Um.. Wow? I think he's actually pretty good looking. I leave it up to you to guess in which status^^

Lebowski Ipsum great movie, best drink.

Henna Art Inspired Cakes - Can't blog.. Must go into kitchen - gonna bake till I collapse from exhaustion.

If you need any excuse to procrastinate (not that we do need one, don't we?) read this
Youngest mother ever: Five and a half. WHAT?! O.o"

He looks like Prince Harry, doesn't he? But he sings so lovely.

Sorry not more for this weekly prescription. Gonna get up at 4:30..
See you soon,



Ed Sheeran - The A-Team

"He said that he will stay-" "I know."

There's something making me pretty thoughtful tonight.
I had to stay longer because we were not able to get back on track with all of our work, yuck.
So one of the anaesthesiologists came to see a patient and returned pretty pissed after a couple of minutes.
"He will stay on the operating table!"
I nodded.
Later I told our doctor what the anaesthesiologist said.
"He said that he will stay on the operating table." "I know! We all know!"

But why do they want to do the surgery anyway?
He will die, no matter what may be.
But I would rather die at home or in my nursing home or whatever than in an operating room, naked, watched by a couple of people?

Death is something I can't deal with pretty good (Luckily. I guess if it wouldn't bother me I would've lost an important part of my humanity).
A few weeks ago when I started working there, there was this old woman, it was Sunday evening and I had late shift, on Monday she would have the same surgery like the patient I wrote about earlier.
She was nice and we chatted a little and made fun together.
I said: "I have my day off tomorrow but on Tuesday we will see each other again."
She died on Monday during the surgery.
Her aorta has been so sclerotic that when they tried to expand it with some kind of balloon, it just simply burst.

I'm going to bed now.
Tomorrow I have my day off.
I guess I won't be seeing the patient again on Saturday.


Tits and cloths

Ok, I know my sense of humor can be quite infantile sometimes, but this made me laugh really hard.
I've been looking for the locker room in the basement of my new work (seriously, I spend most of my time looking for stuff, straying around helplessly) and there was this sign:

Mops and cloths --->

(I guess it's for the cleaning ladies)

Now the German word for mop can be easily altered into the German word for tits because they are written similar. In the end, the sign said:

Tits and cloths --->

I can't help it, I laugh about stuff like that.
It makes everyday working life less serious.


Post number 500

So, I think it's a pretty nice coincidence, that my 500th post will be about something I waited for three years..

I'm officially a real nurse since Thursday.

I passed all my exams (one of the reasons I did not blog very much, sorry) and will start working in a new, bigger hospital on Tuesday since I did not get into Uni this year (again).

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy the next 500 blog entries :)