Everything, everytime

A while ago I had a really, really sick patient, he came from an intensive ward but actually he wasn't healthy enough to stay on our ward.
13litres of oxygen per minute (pretty much) while his oxygen saturation was at 91% or something (not that good.) So when the doctors finally decided to operate on him, I took some of his blood from the central venous line to prepare everything in case he would need some blood transfusion.
But none of the doctors who were responsible for him were left on the ward (I guess they rushed to the operating rooms), I asked the one who was not responsible for my patient:
"...! Please you have to sign this, otherwise the lab will not prepare the blood."
He signed it without even looking at it and on my way out he said:
"Everything for you, Tiny. Everytime."
I replied: "Umm.. Wow, thank you."(Pretty lame)

Addicted to progress

I would be out dancing more often if songs like that would be played in clubs. Sorry Taio Cruz, this makes me dance a lot more.