Vintage medical video

A very cool teacher we have (yes there are some!) showed us this video:

A vintage video of a doctor (?) trying to explain premature ventricular contractions.
Seriously I could laugh my ass off over this.
So cool!

Randomness and laundry

A thought which came to my mind while doing the house work yesterday:

Isn't it much more difficult to be nice than to be mean?

Of course it depends on which kind of personality you have but in general it's mostly always more difficult to smile, be polite and not take it personal than to pull a long face, say "Fuck you" and bitch about it all day long.

What do you think?


Yesterday evening I met some of my colleagues in front of a club because we wanted to check the location out for our final exam party (HALLELUJA!)
The owner of the club wanted to show up at 7pm.
At 7:05pm G. grabbed his phone and wanted to call him to ask where he is.
My colleagues said: "Oh, come on, don't be so German already.."
Fun fact: He's not German.
I felt guilty because I'm the most German person when it comes to accuracy.
The location is awesome and I'm going to dance, dance, dance when I passed my exams.
"Isn't it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity."

Vaclav Havel <3


Oh dear..

I will have morning shift tomorrow (means getting up at I don't know.. five or something) and I swear, this is exactly what it looks like if you enter the hospital before sunrise.

(Well, we don't kill each other normally and we don't stand around the flashlight but around the coffee dispenser.
Haha. Joke. Ok that was inappropriate maybe.)

So what do you think about this android robot nurse? Looks pretty creepy huh?
I mean, no one wears bright pink twin sets in the hospital, come on!
The numb facial expression is pretty realistic though.

Ok, it's not getting better. I think I'm too fucked up for this today.


Bodi Bill - Brand New Carpet from Sinnbus on Vimeo.

Not sure about the song but the beating heart is pretty cool and I like the weird, dreamy style of the whole video.
Jeez.. It's always a bad idea to do something when you are running or stressed or not concentrated enough.
I smashed a bottle of olive oil on my way home because I've been juggling with two bags (one for work out, one for stuff I need daily) and a Baguette for Dinner.
And actually I needed that damn olive oil for cooking!!
Damn you, effing hurry!

I should handle things more like Adenauer, our very first Bundeskanzler who said to his driver:
"I'm in a hurry, slow down."



I had this daydream at work. Instead of bitching back and looking like I bit on a lemon I would do some dance moves down the hall and start singing this.

Maybe some patients doing the background singing standing there in their pyjamas swinging back and forth like in bad musical movies.

This would be... interesting.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it's yours truly after a very long late shift.
Did I mention that I will be in the hospital again in lemme see... 9 hours?

I wanted to tell something the whole week:

There was this 96 year old lady who was beyond cute. Every time she saw me she smiled and said: "I'm so glad to see you!" and she caressed my hand and smiled at me and I considered the possibility to adopt her.
I called her my piece of gold and stuff.
We could've lived happily ever after.
But yesterday evening she was spacy and agitated, mumbling things I could not understand.
Then she looked at me with her eyes wide open and said:
"The almighty lord is evil and he is unjust."
And I replied: "Why?"
And she answered: "Because we are evil and unjust. But not you. I am so fond of you."
I smiled and hold her hands for a couple of minutes until she calmed down.

Today I came to the ward bureau and we started our nursing hand over.
Someone said: "So, yeah, Mrs. S. died, she is still in her room because her relatives want so say goodbye, you have to take her to the morgue later."
I was like: "What?! She died? When?"
And she said: "This morning."
The handover continued and I had tears in my eyes.
Later I told my colleague P.
He said: "Well.. It's only human, isn't it?"
"Yeah.. I know, she was old and stuff.. We all gonna die someday.."
And he smiled and said: "No, you being sad is only human."

I work in the hospital for almost four years now and I still can't handle it.


Morning shift... Not.

Jeez.. How I hate it if your ward changes the service schedule without even mentioning it..
Thank you very much, you bloody bas-gwahh..
I would have arrived in time tomorrow morning just to find out, that I have late shift.
The whole week.
It's not like I have dates or plans or something.
I had to cancel dinner with Dr. G and wrote her:
"Working in hospital forever is just something for people who really dislike their friends and their private lifes."
And she was like: "Yeah, totally. But keep your head up: We're so not going to do it forever!"


Letter of motivation part I

I'm sitting here in front of my laptop, trying to write my letter of motivation, which I need to apply for a certain Uni.

It's way more difficult than I thought.

The reason I want to study at your Uni is,
I don't have a plan B,
it's cool to study abroad,
I'm afraid of bacteria and there is almost no MRSA in your hospitals, 
I want to become as cool as House, MD
I'm desperate and cute and small and I have big blue eyes that look so sad? 
I simply want to.

So far after a bad start.. Maybe I should rewrite this..



A very cute letter I received today during a very unpleasant lesson.
It's by, of course, Fabulous F.

Dearest Favourite Tiny, please, please, take on a cheerful look! For me! Just imagine something funny. It doesn't matter what! Please!!!

Awww.. and of course, I couldn't help but smile. But only for a second!


Weekly prescription

Lifts me up everytime:

And, why yes, sometimes I listen to hiphop. Who cares.

So let's begin!

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