Atomic test approved!

I don't like to watch TV. Makes me aggressive with all the stupid commercials and breaks every five minutes.
On the other hand.. Maybe I would love it if commercials were more like this..


Favourite song today

Favourite song from yesterday evening

Is this great or what? I couldn't stop dancing to it.


Your weekly prescription (Eye Candy)

So.. Today is the big day which will herald the last 101 days of my apprenticeship.
And because I've been so extra hard working the last days *cough,cough*
I present to you the stuff I found while surfing randomly on the internet doing some serious research.

The pool of my dreams

The tub of my dreams

Me in my library (no not really.. But she is hot.)

Discerning vs. cynical

As always.. Paris

Insane (but gorgeous) underwater sets

Photos in the shower
(Ok, imagine this: You are a girl and a guy comes to you and says: "Well.. You know.. I'm not much a photographer.. I'm more like an artist. You wanna come to my house so I can take a picture of you while you are naked in my shower?" I thought the same. Luckily she is a girl so it's not weird at all.. or something o.O"

Which brings me to this: The instant arty bollocks generator 
I think this is pretty funny.
I always ask myself when I visit a museum or an exhibition:
Do these people really believe what they say/write.
There's a bunch of broken glass, some plastic stuffed between two chairs and a naked display dummy on top and they say:
" My work explores the relationship between gender politics and urban spaces.

With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Francis Bacon, new tensions are crafted from both traditional and modern meanings.
Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of relationships. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corroded into a tragedy of power, leaving only a sense of decadence and the possibility of a new reality.
As spatial forms become frozen through boundaried and critical practice, the viewer is left with an impression of the possibilities of our condition."

And everyone is nodding and acting like: "Yes, that's totally my point of view" or
"Don't you think it's rather more influenced by Frida Kahlo and emerging sexualities?"

Let's play pretend. Holy crap yes.. This is so cool!

One last picture I like even though I don't know what to write about it.


What I see most of the time right now

Back at my desk, learning..


That's on the radio right now. I like it.

Back at my desk.

Hey there, sorry there's not much going on on my blog lately but my vacation turned out to be "Sittingatyourdesktillyoufallasleepwhilenotbeingabletorememberwhatyou'vejustreadforthethirdtime"

Friday I had my evening off, Fabulous F. cooked vegetarian Chili (which was gooood) and we went to a trash pop party.

F.: I will see you all in hell!
Tiny: No, not me!
F: (Laughing): Tiny, thoughts do count too, you know?
Tiny: (laughing as well): Fuck.

So, that's it for now.


Oh discipline, you evil mistress..

I am so hard working!
No seriously!
Look what I've found for you on the internet!

The simple living manifesto

(Maybe you can start with this to-do-list)

Photographs of Marylin Monroe before she was uber-famous

Awesomepeoplehangingouttogether Nancy Reagan and Mr. T are killing me, so cool!

Living with a chronic bitchface I know exactly what this is all about.

There you go, have a wonderful sunday!

What I learned as a trainee :)

While I am sitting at my desk trying to learn for my exams (I really do, I swear!) I remembered something JFK said while I was still working in that other hospital.
Again he was doing a cardiac catheter examination and while he put this catheter in the womans heart he started rapping ("Check-check-ch-ch-check it out, what's, what's, what's it all about!")
Then suddenly stopped, looked at us and said: "If I were younger, I would lead da whole rap-scene."
Giggled and continued working.

Later he talked to a younger colleague of him who was upset because he said yes to do some extra work even though he actually didn't wanted to.

JFK: "Look, it's just like when you are in a sauna-club (aka brothel) and you cannot say no, in the end it will be only one thing for you: EXPENSIVE!"

Oh, JFK, I miss you and your wisdom :)