Even after a hundred years..

JFK is officially the best.
No lie.
Today he has been in a cardiac catheter examination and suddenly he looked at the screen where you could see the x-ray. And he said:
"Whoa, look at this! I made a heart inside her heart!"
(The thin wire of the catheter kind of formed a heart shape inside of the woman's heart ventricle.)
He smiled at his colleague and said:
"Even after a hundred years as a cardiologist this can melt your heart, heh?"

Plus: Later during that examination he started rapping (!) and sang a song like an opera singer.




So have you ever heard about a thing called "Pummelvision"?
Me neither.
But then I found out that there is indeed such thing.
If I understand it correctly, it collects photos from you (and your friends) and puts them together into some kind of music video.

At first I thought:
Well.. not a bad idea actually since I like the combination of photography and music or different kinds of art anyway.

But then I thought:

Somehow I feel quite uncomfortable about it.
I'm not even quite sure why but the idea that it collects photos from my flickr, facebook or tumblr account seems to be not so appealing at all.
I mean, sure, if you post your whole life on facebook everyone can read it, but while I was watching the video on their main site, I thought:
There you are, little Tiny sitting in front of her laptop, watching this. I'm not more evil than my friendly neighbour but there are people out there who are and who are anything but nice.
I would not like to have a 50 something freak (who collects antlers and likes to wear high heels) masturbating over pictures of me and my friends dancing around in hot pants.

Of course you can say now I'm a hypocrite since I'm blogging about very personal stuff at LpfD but I think the difference is: I'm not naked on my blog (even though this would increase my traffic I think XD), I'm proud on the photographs I post since I took them and I'm not writing about anything too personal which would embarrass me if my boss would read it.

Starry Eyed

Doesn't fit my mood but still a very cool song:

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed



So there is this doctor who makes me laugh all the time.
He is a senior physician but acts and dresses like a twenty-something (spiky hair, sneakers).

He was annoyed and yelled: "Every shlong gets its own angiography nowadays!"

Later he was diagnosing things on the x-rays.
He was slightly singing: "Boombastic.. Mr. Boombastic.... Shaggy.. SHAGGY! Hmmmmm..
Oh look at that, what's that? It's Shaggy! Shaggy, Shaggy!"

He said: "And remember, the most important thing in life is to stay relaxed. Always."

Today the head physician was not at work because he was at the Orthopedist with his daughter
(Fyi: He is probably sixty or older, so either way he got a daughter at a very old age or his daughter is not overly independent.)
Either way: My favourite doctor came in, smiled and said: "Oh and by the way, I will not be here either. I gotta go to the Dentist with the girlfriend of his daughter."

I wonder how he stayed so funny.


I wish you all the best...or not.


Today was my last shift at that effing ward where I learned nothing at all because they always kept me busy cleaning, tidying up or doing other pointless stuff.

So I wish you all the best.. or not. 

A little anecdote to prove how nice and classy they are:

Nurse: I asked my son which name he would prefer if he would get a little sister.
Tiny: And what did he say?
Nurse: Asshole.
Tiny: Wow, charming.. How old is your son? (I thought maybe five or six..)
Nurse: 11.
Tiny: o.O"

Most of them were Polish so every sentence had at least one "Kurwa!" in it.
(Kurwa is commonly used to say: Fuck, shit or damn but also means whore or slut. A friend of mine who is from Polish origin said that his father also uses it as verb sometimes..)

So tomorrow I will start working in a town near my hometown but only for two weeks and then


See you soon,



And the suns bursts into a million shimmering panda bears

"Dream in a pragmatic way."

~Aldous Huxley~


Living for the weekend

When I googled the date of the release of Hard-Fi's first album my jaw dropped.
Holy sh..
Time goes by - oh yes it does.
But they are still great.
So if you don't get up and dance to them you obviously have no legs.
...Or not the same taste in music
(I decided to try not to be so over the top radical.)
So if you like to I would be totally flattered if you get up and dance to Hard-Fi o.O

Um.. A slightly unusual and interesting way to make Pizza

Precious from monica menez on Vimeo.

Even though I love her style (except the nails, when it comes to nails I am pretty basic: No nail polish at all or red. That's it.).

Working as a nurse may be nice and stuff but..

So on Friday
(It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend.. Sorry.)
I had to take an old female patient to the toilet
(Toilet, toilet, gotta go to toilet.. No seriously, sorry.)
and what happened there almost ruined my day.

But to make it more understandable and more.. visual for you, I made a picture!

So you certainly know what happened, don't you?

If you don't, never mind, young friend, Auntie Tiny will not let you down and made a beautiful picture..
There you go!

You're welcome.

Plus: My favourite part in this story is the moment when I am down on the floor (like literally), cleaning her legs and feet which were full of shit of course (I mean, hello? She covered the whole goddamn room?!)
and she said:
"Working as a nurse may be nice but stuff like this.."
 And I started laughing quite hysterically answering:
 "Stuff like that is the stuff you have to do when you are a nurse, there's nothing else."
 and she thought I'm trying to kidd her. Not at all, lady. Not at all.


Would you like that?

So I had this daydream at work
(seems like I'm daydreaming a lot- well no surprise, most of the times my daydreams are a lot better than reality. Thanks to the old, nasty patient who had a boner this morning while I've been washing him.)
in which , let me think, maybe Fabulous F., I, or some of the other Nurseys are dancing with me to this song.
In our working clothes.
In the hospital hallway.
I would like that.

If you don't watch your mouth, I will kick against your remaining leg..!

So we have this one patient, who sucks.
Sorry but it's true.
He's an asshole.
So I was serving coffee and tea (oh, how I love it..)
And he asked me: "Are there no cookies or a piece of cake today served with the coffee?"
Tiny: "No, obviously not, sorry."
Patient: "You ate it, right?"
Tiny: "No I did not.."
Patient: "Of course you did, that's why you are so fat anyway."
Tiny: O.O"