A very very short prescription!

End of life care machine - Dystopian thought.

Art school dissected - Wow!

The impatient list- Very interesting.
Hey, hello there!

Only two weeks left until I leave my current cardiology ward and start working at the intensive care ward. Yay, yay.

There's a lot of stuff going on (like.. always) but I am happy to say that my dear friends fabulous F. and Mr. Bonobo Stafford finally came back from their adventures in mysterious foreign countries.

Plus: I came to the conclusion that I have to start something.
I always wanted to write stories or stuff or this blog :D
so now I am working on a little short story which could enter a competition.
It's a little crime story and it's about: Diabetes!

So, I think I am telling you this to browbeat myself a little bit, because I hardly ever finish anything I write, goddamnit!

The comments crack me up: "Ron, Neville and Harry Potter"
"This is what Dumbledore's Army is doing in their free time!"

So.. Stay tuned I would say?