Cute post on "My life is average"

So when you have a lot of free time and nothing to do, it's always possible to spend endless hours on the websites:

Love my life

Fuck my life 


My life is average.

It can make you extremely happy oooor sad, so beware!
A very cute post is from MLIA:

"Four years ago, when i was 18, i noticed that at night my front window is very reflective so i was pretending to dive in slow motion and shoot, dual pistol style. Suddenly a really hot girl walked past and i was startled and fell over. Embarrassed i waited for a bit and then stood up. As i stood up i saw her slowly shooting an imaginary rifle from behind a car. We then proceeded to do this for 10 minutes until she did an extremely dramatic death. She wasn’t getting up so i went outside to meet her. Once i got to where she was, there was nothing but a piece of paper with a mobile number on it. Today, we are getting married."

The Awakening of Spring

Picture taken by Tiny (2010)


Thoughts on blogging

"I'd rather be 9 people's favourite thing than a 100 people's 9th favourite thing."

Some of my favourite things

Picture taken by Tiny (2010)

Nothing outside

When I got up yesterday morning, my room was illuminated in a radiant white.
I tried to look outside through my window but there was nothing left.

Not the houses behind our house,
not the trees,
not the cars of our neighbours..

There was nothing left.

No clouds, no sun, no sky,
only this radiant white light.

A blank canvas.
Thick, white fog, which covered us like wadding.
Safely protected against sounds and shocks.

It is a very weird feeling if you don't know where up and down is.
It creeps slowly up your spine, the fluff on your arm is standing on end.
You are shivering, this bad feeling makes your logical thoughts run dry.
Everything feels dull.

I drew the curtains close in a vehement way and thought about what to do now, since everything what matters is on the inside and everything on the outside is gone and pointless.

But then I woke up and looked outside of my window carefully:

Everything outside is still there.

Hot for Hospitals

Some pics I took in the operating rooms:

All the pics are taken by Tiny (2010)

Ok the last one is a bit.. Well.. gory and rotten? 
If you are very sensitive then don't click, okay?
And don't say I didn't warn you!
This song is so cool..

Too bad that True Blood sucked big time.
I was so excited when I saw the first episode
but after 20 minutes I wanted to switch it off and never turn it on again.
It's like Twilight for adults.

But True Blood brings me to this:

 Found the pic on their website (I don't own it!)

Blood Bath Shower Gel

(Now that would be a shower gel present I enjoy, haha)

10 most amazing ghost towns

I had some of them in the "Abandoned" stuff before but Kolmanskop, Craco and Kowloon Walled City really blew me away

The 10 most amazing ghost towns

Looking into the past

This flickr set is so amazing!
There are plenty of photographs of streets and houses how they've looked before.
Look at it, it's totally worth it!

Looking into the past

I am still dreaming about doing some recreation photos of this whole "Then and now" idea..
(Had in in my links)

I think I will take some pictures of my grandparent's house since our house isn't really worth looking at (Only on the outside of course..)


Hey ya

After covering a lot of cupcakes with chocolate and chocolate sprinkles I am actually pretty exhausted and in the mood to crawl back into bed.. (A class mate of mine delievered her baby last week I think and now we will have a little baby party for her..)

But No!

So let's start this day with something truly beautiful:

My favourite comment was:
"Marry me you bearded bundle of awesomenesssss"
His voice makes it so so so much better than the original..
Man, shave and the ladies will went all nuts!

I also read about the seven deadly sins of blogging:

I think this picture describes perfectly how I feel today ;)


A great day for all of you, guys!


Not quite sure about this:

First listening: Ugh, what is this?
Second listening: Well.. it's not that bad actually.
Third: It's actually pretty nice.

What do you think?
PS: Listen till the end! Believe me!

Quote of the day

"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long.  If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night."  ~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes~

Shreds of thought

Gwahh.. I hate it when you think about something but you are not able to write it down.
It's like: "Oh...well.. Yes.. That's cool. How can I say it right..No..Maybe..or..No.. What was I'm trying to say?...Damn..."

This is going on since a few hours now and it's making me pretty nuts.
Ok,  so forget whole sentences, I will present you the shreds of my thought:

"Ocean Eyes" "Sleeping under cozy blankets" "Staring out of the window" "Marie Antoinette"
"Eye candy" "Long hair" "Summertime" "Short, pastelcoloured chiffonskirts" "Raspberries"
"Handwritten letters" "Lifelines" "Taking photos" "White fluffy clouds on a clearblue sky"
"Freshly mown grass" "Summerskin" "Coming home from work seeing my mum sitting in her front yard looking at her flowers" "Sitting by the riverside" "Sunglasses" "Rain" "The smell of a forrest"
"Ice-cream" "Sunsets" "Walking barefoot" "Comfortable silence" "Sleeping in the sun"

It almost physically hurts how much I miss summer.

Tall enough

Mum: "Why are you smiling like this?"
Tiny: "Because it's so unbelieveably cute."

Abandoned house


All pics taken by Tiny (2009)

I took these pics last year when Major Awesome and I walked through our home town looking for nice abandoned houses. There are so many!

Plus: The house shown above is for sale!
Let's put our money together and buy it! Just because it's so beautiful.
I thought it was a good idea..

These old houses mean a lot to me somehow. 
They tell stories.
They represent something.
Someone put a lot of effort in them to create a home.
Modern houses seem to be so cold and replaceable,
I don't like those chrome/glass/steel chunks of concrete.
They are functional, yes, but they have no character at all.


And it's all relative...

Thanks to BF for showing me this :)

The girl with the pocket watch

I'm pretty sure you've seen here before. She is a normal girl. Average size, average height, average clothes.

But maybe you've noticed her pocket watch.
She often carries it around in the palm of her hand. It's golden and looks pretty old. The numerics are in this antiquated, cursive font.

She always sits on the same bench in front of a bakery.
Her feet hanging loosely, she looks relaxed as if she is not waiting for anything in particular.

From time to time, when someone passes by in a complete hurry, looking terribly stressed, she looks at her pocket watch and winds it up. She smiles indulgent.

One day I passed her by, looking all sulky since I had a very bad day. She said: "What would you do differently if you could repeat this day?“
"Umm..I would get up earlier to see the sun rise, I think. Then I'd have a royal breakfast.I would not get mad about all the negative stuff going on. I would turn my my TV and my laptop off, I would call some friends I haven't talk with in a while. I would spend some time alone. Reading, thinking, walking around pointlessly.
I would do a lot of the things I am normally too busy for.“
She nods her head. „Sounds promising.“ She upwinds her pocket-watch.

I wake up. 'Geez.. It's so early. Didn't I set my alarm-clock for 6 o'clock?'
I get up. The newsman on the radio begins to talk.

'Wait a minute.. I know this.. He said the same things yesterday.. Maybe he got something wrong?'

After a look on my newspaper I am totally confused.
I got the same paper I received yesterday.

Am I nuts? Or dreaming? Is this some kind of joke or something? Hey, I could make pancakes for breakfast.. On my way home I see her watching the ducks. "How was your day?" "Really nice."
She smiles as usual.

One time I saw her talking to an old man.

Everyone in town knew him. He's the problem drinker, you know? Since his wife died things go downhill. She looks caring while she asks him something. He scratches his head and overthinks everything for a while. "7 years.“ He says. "7 years ago she's got run down by the bus because I was too drunk to drive her to work.“ Without causing any attention she winds her pocket watch up a couple of times.

I've never seen him again.
Nobody did.
But I heard that someone saw a couple living in the next small town who look very similar to this old man and his wife.

"Did you ever wind your pocket-watch up for yourself?"
She shakes her head.
"I can't. I tried it so often but it's not working. I don't mind, really. I have all the time in the world.“

Where the worms are


Sensation White from Mothership on Vimeo.

Reminded me of this:

My first favorited video on youtube, that was in October 2007.. As time goes by..

PS: If you don't wanna watch the whole video, go to 2:38 to see which part I mean.

Quote of the day

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within."
~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

My heart you have - by David Foox

By David Foox

Found via Street Anatomy


Since the caffeine in my coffee was the most exciting thing this morning I had plenty of time for recovering, sleeping, thinking and pointlessly browsing the web.
This is what I liked:

See also: Paris

Room with a view

Goutte de pluie

Johnny Depp in Paris

Sous la pluie Shower Curtain
(I am so going to buy one!)


Being a patient

I open my eyes.
Someone holds my legs up, the little female doctor touches my hand, says: "Look at me, that's right, don't close your eyes!"
The doc who is named like a greek god says:
"Don't you worry, we will take care of you."
There are people everywhere, someone puts an IV into my arm.
 I lose conscience again.
They put me on a stretcher, I mumble totally confused "Oh, wait, let me help you!"
I cover my eyes with my arm.
I'm crying. "This is so embarrassing.. I don't want to cause you trouble.."
They smile and say: "Aww, how cute.. Don't cry, this could have happen to everyone."

The doc who looks like a pirate comes a couple of times to look after me and smiles friendly.
The greek god named doc comes in, looks at me lying in a bed at the IMC, goes out and askes the nurses:
"Where is our trainee?" and they answer:
"In there."
He comes back in, looks at me and goes out again.
"No, I mean our trainee! Where is she?"
"In there, Doctor!"
He comes in, recognizes me and says smiling:
"Well, I imagined you being blonde."
He has always only seen me with my cap on.
My fellow nursey I. holds my hand and brings me an extra blanket since I shiver and freeze.
She makes me smile even though I feel as if I've been knocked down with a hammer.

They treated me really good.
I like my colleagues so much..

Picture taken by Tiny (2010)


What are your favorites?

I read this at Chloe's blog and thought about her question, so here are her answers:
  1. My favorite food is tako. Japanese for octopus.
  2. My favorite action is peeling things. Anything from oranges to glue off my hands.
  3. My favorite smell is a tie between Windex, sulfur, and  Gardenias (which has been bottled up and sold as a spray).
  4. My favorite color is white. It makes me think of a blank canvas or a clean room.
  5. The best album ever is the Shape of Punk to Come by Refused. Its not even my opinion. Its just a fact.
and here are mine:
  1. Food: Vegetarian food which is made with love.
  2. Action: Dreaming
  3. Smell:  Babies smell pretty good. Milky and sweet somehow. But I like the smell of the ocean the most.
  4. Color: Black is not a color, so I guess it's blue.
  5. Album: Can't decide. My taste in music is evolving.
                 "Success comes in cans, not cant's."
~Author Unknown

10 Places

I've read an article on the Times of India lately about 10 places, where women like to be touched.
No, not where you think, you little naughty rascals..^^

But it annoyed me that the article is mainly written as a manual for guys how to get her lady in the mood.
(You can read it here if you are interested.)

I thought about making a photo series about places which are sensitive and where even friends can you touch without feeling uncomfortable and stuff but then I thought:
"Actually... not a good idea. People could get me wrong."

So, I stopped after taking 2 pics (which will be posted anyway)

Pictures taken by Tiny (2010)

"But you have to!"

Today I assisted Dr. Russian and Dr. B.
(Some of the nurses call them the deaf and the mute because Dr. B can't hear very good and Dr. Russian doesn't talk very much.)

So, Dr. B wanted something from Dr. Russian.
He answered super relaxed, unexcited: "Dr. B, I still can't read your mind."
Dr. B screamed at him: "But you have to!!"
Dr. Russian rolled his eyes and continued working..

Actually this is the perfect sentence to win every argument.
"I don't wanna do this and that."
"But you have to!"

"I'm sorry, I am not allowed to let you take 3 months off."
"But you have to!"

"I am not able to get another pair of hands and finish all the work at the same time."
"But you have to!"



You decide;



(Thanks to BF for showing me this version. I love it!)

Hm, tough one this time. I really don't know which version I like better.

That was so not okay from you!

My mum works at a closed ward.
So there was this patient who tried to burn the ward down.
The other patients were pretty mad about that (Haha, guess what..)
and so they had a talk with the group.

Worst insult: "That was so not okay from you!"

I really don't understand why my mum likes working there so much.
Above mentioned case, one female patient smuggled a gun in there, the nurses are insulted, beaten if they are not careful enough..
But hey, she likes it and she does a pretty good job.
Go Mummy, go :)

Zombie Tiny

Uh, by the way:

I really like this picture!

I've been compared with a zombie quite often lately.
Yesterday evening for example. At the birthday party someone took a picture, my colleague looked at it and said: Whoa! Zombie!
-.-" Thank you very much, T!
Folks, seriously!
I am pale. Yes.
I have a certain interest in brains, humans and stuff.

But do I drool? Only sometimes in my sleep. No!

Do I eat parts of humans. Absolutely not.

And most important: Am I undead? Not as far as I know :)


If I were a zombie, someone told me, I would be the cutest zombie walking around. Gnihihi.

Even more abandoned stuff

Abandoned Barracks (Love the lighting)

Abandoned Christian Science Center (The last picture in this set freaks me out. Seriously. Ugh..)

Abandoned Roseland Sanitarium

Abandoned Insane Asylum (Partly pretty creepy.. The pic with the handprints or the "Don't let them burn you" pic..)

Best idea to watch pics like these before going to bed.
Yes, best idea indeed..


They arrived yesterday and I am already totally nuts because they are so super awesome!

Been dancing around in these lovely little things to Bloc Party's Song For Clay while baking muffins and getting dressed for a birthday party.

Abandoned beautiful house..

Wow I love this house.
I wonder how it looks inside.

Smiling and nodding.

Doc asks patient: "So why the hell did you go outside?" (It was freezing and snowing and the old patient fell down and broke his leg)
Patient: "I wanted to see if it was slippery."

Patient answers the question why he came to the walk-in clinic:
"I'm freezing and I didn't freeze yesterday even though it was colder!"

Patient: "I have a headache."
(Geez.. Take two aspirins, go to bed, sleep a little, call your doc on monday..)

And the patients who are really sick, normally walk in, take a seat patiently, wait for 3 hours and feel very uncomfortable about stealing the precious time of the staff.

Hospital unequals garage

A few weeks ago two of the docs I like the most told me pretty sad things.

The little daughter of the first one asked once:
"Mummy, where does Daddy live actually?"
And she asked once:
"Daddy, why do you have to go to work?"
and he replied: "To earn money, so we can buy enough food to eat."
and she said:
"Then why do you always eat at the hospital? We have enough food at home!"
They both laughed but you could totally see, that sentences like these, break their heart.

Another doc said after hearing the story of one the docs discussion with his wife about being in time for the holidays and stuff...
"Well, if this happens too often you will not have problems like this any longer. It can even happen after 20 years.." And he def. knows what he is talking about. Felt so sorry for him.

I agree with the docs, that working in a hospital is much more engaging than working in a garage.
If you don't work the whole weekend, well the car will be fixed on monday..
That's okay, no one gets hurt.
But if you work in a hospital, it would mean:
There is a patient who is really sick and who suffers and you are not there to help.
It's a kind of moral duty.


Link love for your weekend!

A vintage lovestory - so stylish, so cute.

If you dig awesome, nerdy cookies: Check out "Not so humble pies"

If all commercials were like this, I would def. think about getting the TV back..

But since they are not, I live happily ever after without one.

Another vintage picture. All together now: Awwww..


Listening to "Dirty laundry" while... doing the laundry.

It's from the "Shoot 'em up!" soundtrack.
I like it.

"And all my dreams come true!"

It's already a few days ago that this happened but I hope it will be interesting anyway:

We were already prepared for the next operation (sterile gloves, sterile scrubs, you know..)
and stood in the back of the room, arms crossed, watching how the patient was put in the correct position.

The patient was an elderly woman, very obese with pale, loose skin.
Like a white latex glove.
The skin on her legs and especially on her feet was super dry and flaky.
When the others turned her around, it became obvious that there was feces smudged over her thigh.
 I said: "Not taken care of very good."

The anaesthetic nurse looked in a pretty grimly way.
"Oh wait.. There's more to it than this..
I prepared the foley catheter for her.. All my dreams came true instantly.."

Ugh.. *shudder*
I can't understand how nurses can send a patient into the operating room looking so raggle-taggle..
I would be ashamed if one of my patients would look like this!
Would these nurses treat their own relatives like this too?
The nurse who supervises the work hygiene and the hygiene of the staff always says:
"You can't disinfect dirt. It's just not possible."
So we had to clean the patient first before the surgery could start.
By the way: every minute in the operating room costs hundreds of €.

I know it's not easy to clean very obese patients and/or patients suffering from dementia but the case mentioned above was just pure laziness.

Just not cool..

"What is this shit?"

The anaesthetist who looks like a pirate has a love-hate with the liveware of the hospital.

Seriously: Everytime he takes place in front of the computer, I look at the clock to see how long it will take this time until he yells:
"For heaven's sake, what is this shit?!" or "What are these arrogant weirdos doing the whole day.."
or "For what are these people paid so exorbitant good??" or: "This is a joke. This must be a joke!"

I guess he would be pretty bored if everything would work normally.

I'm not interested


via fffound

Sweet... and cute

This is so cute..it's probably causing diabetes too, but hey!

No. 1943752373

And because I like to post stuff about it:

Abandoned places no. 1943752373!

The Neighborhoodwatch!
(This old church looks really, really great. It's a shame that it slowly decays.)


Light writing


Not as good as the stuff at Twin Cities Brightest 
but we are working on it!

Yay, I've done it!

All pics are taken by Tiny (2010)(except photo no. 2 which was taken by BF)

Oh come on..

Seriously what's next?

First I almost landed on my butt because the floor was not cleaned properly in the operating room, then
I saw the tanning-bed-flavor-nurse naked "O.o

I'm still upright, that can't take me down! Try harder!

"Remember when you used to be a rascal.."

Well yes.. I like the Arctic Monkeys very much :)


Plan A, B, C..

A while ago the incredibly funny F. and I made some plans what to do if we don't succeed as expected in the medical sector.
Here are our plans:

  1. Plan A:
    Don't take anything with you, only light packaging! 1 of us will choose the toilet excuse to escape, the other one will have to roll to the door in this penguin like manner and we'll have to shoot our way outside with a banana. Next stop: Freedom!
  2. Plan B: Fish&Chips shop at the Maldives. 
  3. Plan C:Becoming Paris Hilton's new BFF. Alternative: Flavor of Love, worst case: A shot at love - Tila Tequila.
  4. Plan D:Throwing a smoke-bomb,  covering the floor behind us with marbles, using the outfits of the kitchen-staff to escape in a tub filled with chips and Tzatziki through the back door.
  5. Plan E: Finding a good looking, young intern, marry him, become a housewife, live a life in luxury
  6. Plan F: Flying out of the window with a fan, sail to the Amazonas, being worshipped there as a goddess.
As you can see, we are still working at the hospital.
I kinda like the last idea though..

How do you like your coffee?

Luxirare's post about coffee was really so mouth-watering, that I had to make a nice hot Vanilla Latte Macchiato to go this morning. (Her site is pretty awesome, go check it out!)

jura impressa z5 from luxirare webzine on Vimeo.

Her video looks so nice. It's pure deliciousness..

There was a fun-test about personality once.
One of the questions was:

What do you think about coffee?

And I read all kind of answers:

"I hate it." "Seriously, I could never live without it!" "Like it only sometimes." and so on.

The clou was: Your attitude towards coffee should match with your attitude towards sex.

My answer?

"I only like it, when it's good."




There are plenty of folks who go all nuts when it comes to Valentinesday.
I know even more people who'll turn into raging, choleric persons who mumble in this very Grinchlike manner:
"I hate Valentinesday!"

I don't hate it. I am not completely into it as well.
A slightly ironic view on it seems to be the healthy middle course.

My favourite Valentinesday SMS:

"Be my commercialized sex monkey! XD"

Thanks to J. Of course! :D

Last year I wrote a quite short poem on little cards with a big heart on it which was filled with the word "commerce"

There you go:

How the bloom leaves the rose 
by Andre Segui

You don't bring me flowers anymore.


So actually there's no special day needed to say nice things to each other but please take this post
as an virtual big cuddly hug.

I'm glad to know so awesomely cool people

Lorries of love <3



Chris Craymer

After reading about this book in Gala Darling's Style Tips I became curious and ordered it a few months ago:

Romance by Chris Craymer is a coffeetable book filled with cute, romantic somehow weird but never cheesy pics of couples.
I like it.

So have a look or two if you like:

Just a thought:


Pic taken by Tiny 2010


Abandoned places reloaded

I looooove the Imari Harbour in Japan.
It's an abondoned shipyard and totally awesome.
I would love to take photos there.
Or to shoot a video.
A music video, perhaps?

Anyway: It's awesome!

Quick sketch


Free time equals boredom?

I longed so much for time on my own.
And now I have it and what happens?

I am bored to death.


Workaholic anyone?

Dun dun dun, dun dun.. Ehm.. Yes.

There is a flower growing in the operating room..

You don't believe me?

Look at this:

Picture taken by Tiny (2010)

It's made of the foil of a medical thread.

"We all look like we feel"

Makes me sigh every single time.

Little tigers walking through the snow

This morning when I walked to work, there were little footprints in the snow and somehow I had to think about little tigers who walk through the streets at night, when everyone is sleeping.


Where do all the thoughts go, if we forget them? II

After having major trouble with my internet connection yesterday (...)
I finally managed it to upload the photos I've taken.
This is on my way home from hospital.

So Part II of the "Where do all the thoughts go, if we forget them?" idea:

Have you seen my head?

Pretty disturbing but supercool:

KANIZSA HILL from evelyn lee on Vimeo.

Found it via Streetanatomy (again..^^)


Thought this would suit the text below.

(Even though the song is about a dead hippo if I got it right..)

Where do all the thoughts go, if we forget them?

After thinking about this sentence for a while, I came up with two scenarios I want to tell you:

Part I

Your memory is like a big old writing desk, one of these enormous vintage-style ones with lots of drawers.
Some of them are open, others are locked and can't be opened.

The desk I imagine is completely covered with letters in different sized envelopes:
Handwritten ones which look personal, envelopes with typewriter letters on them. Big ones, tiny ones, white ones, pastel coloured ones, ones with black lining, on a few of the envelopes sport:


The envelopes which are opened and look a little bit worn out are memories.

They are usually stored in drawers which are crowded to overflowing and unlocked.
You can re-read them at any time you like.

Other letters aren't open and look still quite new.

These are your thoughts, your sudden inspirations, everything that floats around your mind constantly but without being concrete.

If you forget these things, it's possible that you will find them locked in one of the drawers which can't be opened again.

Also is it not possible to tidy up this desk.

Some of the letters are in the same drawer all the time. But others change their position constantly as if they are playing hide&seek with you.

I guess in a few drawers lies only one letter.
These are the things we wanted to forget. We keep them separately, so we will not be remembered suddenly when we are looking for something completely different.

We don't open these drawers often and if, it's mostly only short and without looking to closely at them.

The good thing is: This desk has the magical ability to offer enough space for endless amounts of letters. You will never have too many of them.

And this is my first imagination where the thoughts go, when we forget them.

Part II will be up soon, so sit tight! :)


Oh my...

This shirt is so awesome.
They can't be out of stock because I need one of these!

A mermaid skeleton.
It gets more and more awesome the longer I think about this.


Let them eat brains!

Great illustration by Shalimar Luis: Marie Antoinette - undead!



I would certainly buy one because these are super cool.
(You should click on the pic down below to get a better view.
Being a total noob, I don't know how to make it smaller.. Sorry! :) )

To throw up or not to throw up?


I did not feel ready to write about this for a while since it was uber-disgusting.

There was this quite young patient (in his early thirties) but he was the dirtiest, most disgusting guy (who was not a homeless) I've seen so far.

Guys, the spaces between his toes were filled with a black, stinking, crackling paste.
Pure filth.
The smell took my breath away and made me wanna run away.
His groin was red, itchy, moist, stinky as well, purulent..
I will tell you not about his private parts or else someone will sue me because of mental cruelty.
Nightmares are made of this.

Even the more experienced nurses seemed to puke in their mouths.

Someone said jokingly:
"Give me three hours, hundreds of latex gloves (preferably the ones which are used for bovine insemination), shampoo, soap and a high-pressure cleaner.. I can fix that!"

I did not believe him..

Arrrr! Shiver me timbers!

Did I mention, that one of the anaesthetists looks like a pirate with his rolled up OP-cap?
Looks really hilarious!

By the way:

There is even an international "Talk like a pirate" day!


They teach you sentences like:
"Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?"



So what to do on a boring sunday morning?

Surfing fuckyeahtattoos.com of course!
(No, I don't have one and I'm not planning to get one)
I just like the artistic style of some of them.
It's a very specific kind of art.

I liked:


( I didn't know there was such a thing as white ink. Awesome!)

(Sad but true)




(A bit eerie.. It's the elephant from Salvador Dali!)



And from time to time
I get the feeling that no matter what will happen,
everything will turn out good.

Second Breakfast

I guess you could call me focused.

But I had to buy these:

Pic by Tiny (2010)

And this was my second breakfast:

Pic by Tiny (2010)

Deliciousness.. Hm..

Quote of the day

When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light - you'll never forget it.

Carl Sagan


Urban Dictionary about me (and almost every other name)

Ok, this is funny (at least I think it is)

1. Go to UrbanDictionary.com.
2. Do a search for your first name.
3. Post the result

Ok, this is pretty interesting.
My real name flatters me so much.

(1. A deity; the best person to be in your corner; unlimited power and potential; a muse; someone that can change your life. Someone that takes your side even when you're wrong; soulmate; kismet; fortuitous; serendipity
If I only had ..., I could do anything!


4. This person is very smart and GORGEOUS. She is very easily loved and very sweet. People are attracted by her loving and beautiful hair. When people hear her name they faint for love and jelously
Person 1: Hey I saw ... the other day
Person 2: overhears *faints*

Always beautiful. Usually a trap for the shy guys. However, most men do not attempt to approach this woman because her beauty and coolness are intimidating. The ... is smoking hot and very friendly. Usually from California.
"check out that girl, is she a ...??"
"no, her name's Vicky."
"oh...then f**k that sh**. let's get outta here and find ourselves some ...s."
"Hell to the yeah."

or (and this is my favourite):

The most amazing person to walk this earth. Talented and funny. Usually complaining about her hatred for the state of New Jersey. Total music junkie, and a perfect example of a best friend. And you can't forget the sexy locks of flowing red hair.
I just want to hold ... in my arms tonight.

but when it comes to my nickname Tiny, things get ugly:


The nickname of 6'8" 350lb mobster found in every prison, who has been convicted for a string of violent crimes. Usually, tiny is muscle for someone else, due to a low mental capacity and uneasiness about his size. Quite well-endowed, tiny will seek to butt-fuck people smaller than him. Tiny is the white version of Big Bubba.

A big silly sumbitch in Annapolis Maryland who enjoys fuckin up your christmas, pissin in your cheerios, and for all intents and purposes enjoys having a good time while being the most lovable asshole alive.
"Tiny you're an asshole..." "Yea, I know. But it's why you love me"

a very very tall and aggressive (pacifists)who enjoys breaking legs and in his spear time he enjoys playing games, watching TV and eating small children with ketchup.
"you had better pay up or i'll get Tiny hear to break your legs"

Hahaha.. I love it.
I checked the names from friends and colleagues and my smile goes from one ear to the other one.

Hmm.. I guess I should rethink my nickname :D

Hope you like it, too!

Found it via Nerdcore, which is awesome and showed me cool stuff like this:


Brain cake

Brain Vodka-Shots

Futurama Brain Slug Cupcakes

Geez.. I love Nerdcore! :)


Oh my.. She is such a doll.
Ninety bucks for a sleeping mask seem a little over the top though.
Lucky me, I don't need stuff like that. Tiny is able to sleep seriously everywhere and everytime.

Thank you, Elie Saab
! I would bring the trash can out in it and I would do pretty everything else in it. Can I have one?
Can't we throw our work clothes away and wear stuff like this instead?
Can't we just have spring? Aww...

This is so super cool o.O"
It's anatomically correct, with cordae tendinae and stuff..

PS: Half-up, half-down - Dudes love it! Okaay..

Song on heavy rotation while tidying up, doing the laundry and writing blog entries:

Little addition

Wasn't in the mood to write about it yesterday so there you go:

I helped at the change of a VAC-sponge.
(You know, those sponges which are put in bad healing wounds and stuff and which a connected with a vacuum pump..)
Ok, so the patient had also ESBL, so we were all covered in protection stuff.
She was not very old, maybe sixty,
she cried because she was scared.

The doc who did the change talked to her in a very friendly, calm way, which I really liked.
When she was under anaesthetic I asked him why she has such a huge wound going from her ribs down to her bellybutton.
He said: "Well, her vessels are really bad.
She always smoked a lot and now after the surgery she had, nothing heals properly."
I nodded.
He added: "This woman is much more sick than I thought.
I don't think that we can do anything for her. You can see her muscels down there,
actually these should be rosy and well supplied with blood.
They are not. They are pale and dry and look liked cooked chicken."
I asked:
"Isn't there any way to make the blood circulation work again?
And he shrugged his shoulders and answered: "Being reborn, maybe."

I can't stop thinking about her.
I hold her hand to calm her down when they narcotised her and she looked at me and said:
"Don't I know you? You were at the ICU, weren't you?
I don't want all this any longer.
This morning I woke up in a different room than I was in yesterday evening when I fell asleep."

Geez.. actually I don't think about situations like that much when I am at home (except when writing this blog) but this time..

Take care, folks, okay?


And all the rest:


One of the docs always answers in schoolmarks how good his mood is, actually a pretty clever idea.
Okay my day so far:


This morning the street sparkled like diamonds because of the white frost, the air was totally mild, all in all it smelled like spring.
A really beautiful moment.


Had to think about this

and this:

the whole day..

(Can't find the original videoclips on youtube..Gwah..
The one for "I wish you were here " is so awesome..)

Thank you so much, it's Friday!

So hey everyone!

It's finally friday, I will have the weekend off (Yeeeess, please!)

But first things first:

I liked this:

One of the specialist nurses for anaesthesia said to a patient who entered the preparation room:
"Welcome to the anteroom of beautiful dreams."

Today when we prepared the operating room, the radio was switched on and it was time for the news:
News anchorman: "It's eight o'clock."
Nurse: "Oh, okay."
New anchorman: "Good morning."
Nurse: "Morning."
Tiny: o.O" Uhm..

Also funny:
One of the male specialist nurses for anaesthesia told me this:
He asked a female patient one time:
"Where would you like to go in your dreams? We offer the Caribbean, Jamaica, the Maledives.."
She replied: "Bora-Bora would be fine."
He: "Alright, who shall escort you? We offer Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney.."
She looked him over from head to toe and said with a sparkle in her eyes:
"Can't I just have you?"

Not so funny:

The female doc who did the haemorrhoids-op told me to "hang the skrotum of the patient higher".
Tiny: "Is it okay like this?"
She: "No, grab in his OP undies and put his balls up - as usual.."
Tiny *frowns*: "Oh, I am sorry. I don't do that too often!!" >.<"

You decide;




Imagine Tiny humming quietly

I just can't stop hearing it!

"..and it's all within my mind.."

This feeling

Found via LeLove

M.A.: "What is it with this entry?"

Tiny: " Don't you know this feeling?
Felt like this yesterday evening and this morning
but I didn't know why somehow,
so I just did my job and then
suddenly the sun shone,
everything seemed to be easier and lighter,
I made jokes, walked home, took a long, hot shower
and felt good again."

When the sun goes down

Sung this on my whole way home

"Hm, it smells so good in here"

Today I will start with the words of one of the doctors who entered the operating room.
(It smelt totally burnt by the way)

Yesterday I assisted in an spine operation all alone!
My instructor was in the back all the time but he relaxed mostly.
When the doctor freed the spine, my instructor said:
"Touch it."
and I was like: "What?"
and he said: "Touch it! You will probably never ever have the chance to touch something like this in your entire life again."
So when I did not react fast enough in his opion, he grabbed my hand and placed it on a vertebral body. Then he made me slide down the spine with my fingers and ended with the words:
"And this is the os sacrum (sacral bone)."
Tiny *gurgle*

No just kidding ;)
Everything was okay!

Is it very disgusting that I had to think about spare ribs alll the time?

When we prepared the room, opened all the boxes and stuff we heard Billy Idol's
"Dancing with myself"
Imagine Tiny dancing around the operating table (of course when there was no operation ongoing..)


Random things I like

Painted by Michael Lane
I think art critics will be talking about paintings like this in a hundred years.

This pic made me laugh.
I imagine it to be super funny to hang out with these guys.
The link to a website of one of them was not up to date though.
It said something like Breakbot or stuff.. Anyway! :D

This is cute, but I'm probably going to cry when it snows one more time XD
Just kidding..
But seriously!

Gala Darling wrote an article about radical self love and since certain people told me, that I have issues with my self confidence (;-) ) I like one of her banners very much:

That's it..

For now!

Feeling 6" tall :)

So actually la petite future doctoresse is space savingly 5.5 feet tall but when I assisted in the hand-operation today I really felt like 6.5" or so..
The doc with the nice shoes and one of the older, more experienced ones did the job and I was so super excited I really could not speak. (WOW!^^)
My instructor, who is super relaxed and pretty funny said afterwards, that I did a real good job and that I'm a real good trainee.. YEAH :)

This and hearing this song through the speakers of the operating rooms for no obvious reason
(I swear, my colleaugues rolled their eyes and said, this happens every monday and no one knows why or who plays it) made my whole effing day!