Thoughts I had lately


Sorry that it's been a few days with very little blogging going on, but I've been sick and so I had to pause everything hospital related.

But not anymore! (Yay?)

So when I had my few days off the blogosphere I thought about writing about the hospital in general and that I somehow felt stuck in bitching about stupid, disgusting, annoying patients and whining about sad things.

I miss the feeling that my work is meaningful. I miss feeling good after work, instead I feel dead-beat and exhausted and unsatisfied. I feel like things go down the wrong road and lately I caught myself watching things go wrong without doing something to avoid them.

Sooooo.. I'm trying to get back to the things that make me happy. Hobbies, friends, family, you know what I mean, everything I lost sight of while I've been pitying myself.

Hello, I'm back, how are you? <3


This is how we do it...^^

Plain awesome!
A few nights ago, I left the hospital after my late-shift.
It was pretty dark and I walked fast to get to my car.
Suddenly I heard a strange sound.
I looked around and smiled:

One of the guys who are working for the main lab (collecting blood samples on the ward, carrying them to the main lab and stuff) passed me by on his skateboard.
Normally they walk about the campus, bored and grumpy but this one seemed amused while riding his board.