Thoughts about pretty expensive things

I've dreamt about walking through the hospital with this dress on:

Petrol silk chiffon dress

I can literally feel the thin, soft fabric on my skin.

It costs 500 €.

Unfortunately that's almost 2/3 of my salary.

We all need dreams, don't we?

Like this darkblue silk evening dress from Alberta Ferretti.
I have no idea where and when to wear it, but I would be happy to see it hanging in my closet, wear it now and then for a few minutes and then to hang it back into the closet with a longing sigh.

This dress from Paul & Joe Sister reminds me a bit of a kimono.
It's not that expensive actually... well.. not reaaally... I know I shouldn't buy it.. but...
Well -.-" They don't have my size anyway.

I thought about saving money for some kind of fashion savings-box.
Every month I'll save a certain amount of money and after 3 or 6 or 12 months I'll take the money and spend it on luxurious designer stuff since I buy only very very basic stuff at H&M like socks or long sleeves.

I would save for:

A pair of Louboutin shoes.
A really, really great fitting jeans.
A black coat of high quality.
A nice sequinned or chiffonlike top for going out.
A high quality tote for daytime and
a high quality clutch for evenings.

At first sight, I seem to be a very greedy girl but I have a plan:
With these basic, high quality pieces I will look well dressed
for a long, long time and I could always combine them with something cheaper!

Actually I'm just waiting for tomorrow (pay-day!^^)

Money makes the world go round..


Movie time

While the rain is softly pattering on my rooflight I searched for a few trailers of movies I'd like to watch.
(When it's so cold and uncomfortable outside I can't imagine anything better than lying in bed with a big cup of tea or hot chocolate and watching movies, sleeping, reading..)

This movie is called Ink
I like the idea of touching someones forehead to give him or her good dreams.

I think this one is a candidate for heavy usage of Kleenex:

Love me if you dare/ Jeux d'enfants

The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus (Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp.. Nuff said :D)

And last but not least:

Tim Burton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway..

Alice in Wonderland!




This is so impressive and it's making me so sad.

Sophie Lancaster was 20 years old when she was beaten to death just for dressing differently in 2007.
She just tried to protect her unconscious boyfriend.
Her mum Sylvia launched a campaign called:


Hatred +

Sophie Lancaster

Getting inked

I've read a lot about tattoos in general over the last few days.
Some people say tattoos are so last year and that there is nothing worse than
tramp stamps or tribals..
Other people say that there is more tolerance of tattooed folks than ever before and no one will be judged or suspicted to be a criminal or whatever..

On the other hand: It's easier than ever to remove old, ugly and awkward tattoos.

This made me very thoughtful:

Shouldn't tattoos stand for something very personal,
something which really matters to you and not only another
replaceable fashion trend which will look totally awkward in a few years?
And should something so personal not be like... forever?

I'm afraid there are plenty of people who'll get some trendy, colourful tattoos just because... well... who the hell knows why?
I imagine them to sit in their dermatologist's office in a few years, deeply embarrassed and begging them to remove their little youthful follies.


What I'm trying to say is: I don't judge people who have tattoos,
I don't judge people who have not.

I'm just asking for a little more creativitiy and that everyone thinks about her or him in 50 years when you'll go swimming with your grand children and they'll ask you:

"Grandma/Grandpa (or whoever), why do you have the name ... tattooed on. Grandpa's/Grandma's (or whoever's) name is however ...!"

My tattoo would probably look like this:

This awesome piece is by medical illustrator Karen Bucher, I found it via the flickr page of Street Anatomy.

You should def. check out the homepage of Street Anatomy:

They have always awesome posts about Medicine + Art + Design



Operation Beautiful

This is such an amazing idea!

I know that I should def. post a few of these on my own mirror but hey:
I'll be in a school tomorrow.. So why don't sneak into the girls bathroom to leave some positive thoughts behind?

Pics will follow!




Happy Birthday my sweet honeypuff <3

"Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese." - Billie Burke


"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been."
- Madeleine L'Engle

I would love to hug you several times and throw confetti everywhere but I guess we'll have to wait until December.

Take care, mon petit canard!



"Why the red sole?" and he said:

"...Because it's a green light for men.."

"If you wanna run in a shoe - buy a sneaker!" Christian Louboutin

Holy sh...oe! This man knows how to make women happy.

I seriously want them all!


Copy (which I own):

And who would have thought...

Gentry de Paris & Dita von Teese <3

It's a long way to go.. (literally) :)


Can I please be more like her?

Found via gossipcenter.com

Oh please I don't wanna be like them..

Why do some old, experienced nurses have to such bitches?
Is it an unwritten rule that every nursery trainee will be treated like shit at least once in the first year?
Today a girl from the new class almost cried her eyes out since a nurse shouted at her for things she impossibly could know.

Oh well.. Memories:

Almost a year ago I was in her shoes.
An old nurse (soon to be retired, thanks to the dark overlord -.-") had a really bad day
and I was young and helpless and with less self-confidence than today.
I wanted to do it right. I wanted to be the nice one, the hard-working one, the frugal one.
I had no idea how to move an inpatient from her wheelchair to her bed right so when she came to the conclusion that I'm not skilled enough, she screamed at me and labelled me as unsuitable, in front of all the inpatients, while the doors were open and with my colleagues who passed by looking into the room to see what was going on.
I bit my lips and went with a female inpatient into the bathroom to help her
and then I started to cry. At first without making a sound but my shoulders trembled.
The inpatient started to cry too.. Jeez, I felt so helpless and worthless and thought about quitting the job.

But obviously I survived.
Everyone survives it!
All we can do is to always remember how we felt when we were first-year trainees and to do it better.
It's def. possible to be a good role model without screaming and shouting and making other people/colleagues/patients feel like shit.
It's not an unwritten law to become exactly the same old grumpy bitch like the one who tried to ruin your day back then.

"Aegroti salus suprema lex" means:
The well-being of the patient is the supreme law.
So, do you think that you treat other people like you would like to treated?

Would you like you, if you were you? ;)


Sore throat and writer's block

Photo taken by Tiny (2009)

Not a very good combination since I know what to do to cure the sore throat
(Drinking sage&honey tea) but not what to do against the writer's block.

Ideas anyone?


Nicest thing

Makes me cry every single time.

Moving out

I've been thinking about moving out of my parent's house now and then since I was 16 or 17 years old but at the moment I think about it everyday.

But somehow it's a big step for me to do it since I know that I would never want to move back in again.

I'm always super curious when I visit friends.
Which colours do they prefer?
Do they have photos (of friends or relatives) around,
do the rooms look like they care for them or is it just a room where they work and sleep?

Is it a "home"?

The house of my dreams would be an old building with high ceilings, parquet, big windows which make the whole room very light and sunny.
Plasterings on the ceiling would be awesome.
The kitchen and the bedroom would be nicest rooms since I spend most of my time in them.

I tried to embed a few pics I found on several flickr accounts but since I'm a total computer noob I did not manage to do it. Sorry.

But here are some links of really, really, reaaaally great interior designs.
Go, check them out!

Living on my own seems to be magically linked to the words: Freedom, responsibility, beeing grown-up..
I love my parents and my siblings but we would get along much better if we don't see each other everyday.

I daydream about standing in my own kitchen, cooking for friends or waking up in my own bedroom while streaks of sunlight tickle me and I walk around in my appartment with my pyjama on while preparing breakfast.

Locking the door behind me when I come home from work.
Leaving the stress and hectic pace behind.

I told B. to remember me to move out when I finally got my driver's license.

Bedroom, bathroom 1 and 2,

Gotta go now...
My room wants to be cleaned and learning needs to be done.
Great way to spend a sunday!

À bientôt!


Small things

Photo taken by Tiny (2009)

Sometimes there are small things in life which can make you unbelievablely happy.
Waking up feeling comfortable, safe and warm while the sun arises.
Drinking a so called "Steamer" (Hot steamed milk with honey)
in a nice café which is called "Bernstein" (Amber).

But what totally made my day was the beautiful waitress:
A petite, dark haired woman with a huge baby tummy.
She seemed to be illuminated from inside and healthy and happy.
Smiling and slightly humming.
I wanted to tell her, that she looks gorgeous but I did not have the heart to do it.

There is a German saying and it goes like this (roughly translated):

"What makes you alive are not the moments in which you are breathing
but the moments which take your breath away."
Do you remember the last time when something took your breath away?


Stars and Bloc Party

This is so unbelievablely amazing.

Unfortunately there is no sound in the milky way video but if you turn on Kreuzberg by Blocparty, fast forward to 4:30:

A recommendable combination!


If this day had a soundtrack...

it would be probably this song:

It's from the soundtrack of the russian movie Bumer 2 (if I read it right)
I should totally work on my russian skills... but where to begin?


The end is the beginning is..

I think it's pretty strange to start a blog with a text about a funeral.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Photo by Tiny - 2009

Shouldn't there be a law which prohibits unloving funeral orations?

Law No. 1 in Nurseyland:

"If you deliver a speech, know at least the person's name you are talking about by heart."

I am really not a religious person but I like going into churches since there is a certain atmosphere..
Highly decorated and sumptuous churches are my favourite because I really appreciate the great effort people make just for their religious beliefs.

It's so fascinating and somehow comforting that it is possible to achieve such strength and calmness through religious beliefs. I envy them.

I like these epic hymns.
Sometimes I wish I could sing so pure and seemingly effortless.

The moment I cried the most was when we stood in the little chapel in front of the coffin to say goodbye.
I felt like I did not bid farewell: The last time when we saw each other I was joking with him that after the open-heart surgery he would recover soon and we would have a race at his hospital ward.

I feel guilty because I visited him so seldom.
I feel guilty because I should have hugged him more often.
I feel guilty because I was annoyed when he told me old stories for the third or fourth time.

He died all alone and far away from home, without his family or anyone he knew.

I have no chance to make up for all this.

So, everyone who reads this should call a beloved person to tell them that they mean much to you.