Moving out

I've been thinking about moving out of my parent's house now and then since I was 16 or 17 years old but at the moment I think about it everyday.

But somehow it's a big step for me to do it since I know that I would never want to move back in again.

I'm always super curious when I visit friends.
Which colours do they prefer?
Do they have photos (of friends or relatives) around,
do the rooms look like they care for them or is it just a room where they work and sleep?

Is it a "home"?

The house of my dreams would be an old building with high ceilings, parquet, big windows which make the whole room very light and sunny.
Plasterings on the ceiling would be awesome.
The kitchen and the bedroom would be nicest rooms since I spend most of my time in them.

I tried to embed a few pics I found on several flickr accounts but since I'm a total computer noob I did not manage to do it. Sorry.

But here are some links of really, really, reaaaally great interior designs.
Go, check them out!

Living on my own seems to be magically linked to the words: Freedom, responsibility, beeing grown-up..
I love my parents and my siblings but we would get along much better if we don't see each other everyday.

I daydream about standing in my own kitchen, cooking for friends or waking up in my own bedroom while streaks of sunlight tickle me and I walk around in my appartment with my pyjama on while preparing breakfast.

Locking the door behind me when I come home from work.
Leaving the stress and hectic pace behind.

I told B. to remember me to move out when I finally got my driver's license.

Bedroom, bathroom 1 and 2,

Gotta go now...
My room wants to be cleaned and learning needs to be done.
Great way to spend a sunday!

À bientôt!

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