Getting inked

I've read a lot about tattoos in general over the last few days.
Some people say tattoos are so last year and that there is nothing worse than
tramp stamps or tribals..
Other people say that there is more tolerance of tattooed folks than ever before and no one will be judged or suspicted to be a criminal or whatever..

On the other hand: It's easier than ever to remove old, ugly and awkward tattoos.

This made me very thoughtful:

Shouldn't tattoos stand for something very personal,
something which really matters to you and not only another
replaceable fashion trend which will look totally awkward in a few years?
And should something so personal not be like... forever?

I'm afraid there are plenty of people who'll get some trendy, colourful tattoos just because... well... who the hell knows why?
I imagine them to sit in their dermatologist's office in a few years, deeply embarrassed and begging them to remove their little youthful follies.


What I'm trying to say is: I don't judge people who have tattoos,
I don't judge people who have not.

I'm just asking for a little more creativitiy and that everyone thinks about her or him in 50 years when you'll go swimming with your grand children and they'll ask you:

"Grandma/Grandpa (or whoever), why do you have the name ... tattooed on. Grandpa's/Grandma's (or whoever's) name is however ...!"

My tattoo would probably look like this:

This awesome piece is by medical illustrator Karen Bucher, I found it via the flickr page of Street Anatomy.

You should def. check out the homepage of Street Anatomy:

They have always awesome posts about Medicine + Art + Design


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