Thoughts about pretty expensive things

I've dreamt about walking through the hospital with this dress on:

Petrol silk chiffon dress

I can literally feel the thin, soft fabric on my skin.

It costs 500 €.

Unfortunately that's almost 2/3 of my salary.

We all need dreams, don't we?

Like this darkblue silk evening dress from Alberta Ferretti.
I have no idea where and when to wear it, but I would be happy to see it hanging in my closet, wear it now and then for a few minutes and then to hang it back into the closet with a longing sigh.

This dress from Paul & Joe Sister reminds me a bit of a kimono.
It's not that expensive actually... well.. not reaaally... I know I shouldn't buy it.. but...
Well -.-" They don't have my size anyway.

I thought about saving money for some kind of fashion savings-box.
Every month I'll save a certain amount of money and after 3 or 6 or 12 months I'll take the money and spend it on luxurious designer stuff since I buy only very very basic stuff at H&M like socks or long sleeves.

I would save for:

A pair of Louboutin shoes.
A really, really great fitting jeans.
A black coat of high quality.
A nice sequinned or chiffonlike top for going out.
A high quality tote for daytime and
a high quality clutch for evenings.

At first sight, I seem to be a very greedy girl but I have a plan:
With these basic, high quality pieces I will look well dressed
for a long, long time and I could always combine them with something cheaper!

Actually I'm just waiting for tomorrow (pay-day!^^)

Money makes the world go round..

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