Dicey Street Blues - Barton Fink

I listen to this song almost every time I drive to work. I makes me think about stars and sparklers - I have no idea why.

You can download their album for free! A link is on their Myspace page!

Thank you very much for showing me this <3

A very short prescription

Fireflies - nature's very own lightwriting

Psycho Diagnostik Coasters

At first I thought this is photoshopped, but it seems to be real.

I would like to have one of this slices in acrylic to display them on my book shelf :D

Do you have a favourite type of clouds? I have: I like Cirrus Clouds the most.

Tree houses. One day...

Understory Chocolatiers! Oh my... This looks so soo good o.O I want it.


How cool is that!? It reminds me slightly of "Oceangirl" a series I used to watch when I was younger *blushes*

Wall tentacle Nice, makes you feel like living in the Nautilus or stuff.

Mermaids Bakery and Pie house - so cute, we need this in my hometown!

"Karl-Heinz is freezing today."

Patients are weird...

I washed a patient this morning and while I was busy cleaning him he said:
"Oh well, you'll be a great nurse! Oh yes you will... What am I saying! You already are nurse! I know that!"
I smiled and said thank you since I am a polite little trainee (haha.).
Then he said: "Karl-Heinz is freezing today." I was like: "Huh?" o.O"
He meant his penis.
Karl-Heinz is the name of his penis.
Why would anyone name parts of his or her body like that?
But I'd rather like a patient that gives his penis a stupid name than this other patient we have who is really disgusting.. He used to jerk off before the nurses came to clean him.
He lives in a flat with his own mother.
He stores his porn magazines on his bedside-table.
He is so gross..
One day I was there with another colleauge, she opened his diaper to clean him.
He said: "Ah, finally the big man is set free again."
She smiled friendly and said super cool:
"Well..He isn't that big already."
Gross, gross, gross..

This morning we were also in the apartment of this super filthy patient again, blech.. (I wrote about it "here")
I prepared breakfast while my colleague started washing him, later I helped her.
Colleague: "So what do you think about a little body lotion and some deodorant?"
Patient: "No, I don't want my body to get in contact with any chemicals."
Colleague: "Well, that explains your smell."

3 days left in the ambulant nursing service..yay!


"At first I was afraid that I was petrified.."

A few days ago I phoned the DKMS to ask them a few things.
I had to wait a few minutes.
Guess which song they played while I hold the line:

"I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

Made me smile.


Jamaica - Short and entertaining

So awesome, makes me wanna dance around all the time!

That happened to me so often..


I was driving around with a nurse today who said when she hurt herself with the (used!!) insuline-injection needle of a patient:
"Oh well.. That happened to me so often already.."

Well, I guess she should be more careful or something..
People are strange!


Just one more, I promise!

A last quote from "The Thief of Time" by T. Pratchett:

"Since centuries Soto (a monk) believed in the holiness of all life and the eventually valuelessness of  violence, but his own personal precondition was:

"But not the hair. No one ever touches my hair, get it?"

Your weekly prescription by Dr. Tiny

WHOA! I seriously love this house. The pool! And you can sit in your living room watching all the flirty mermaids swim along! This is probably not affordable in 10 million years but hey..

So if your are not able to live in a house like this aforementioned one, maybe it will be nice to go to this waterpark in Beijing instead.

I want... I need Very clever, maybe this will become a new category for my blog-baby!

Dancing Shadows: Creepy!

Pencils made out of recycled newspapers.

  J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Somebody slowed down "U smile" by Justin Bieber about 800% and the result is pretty Sigur Ròs like,  very relaxed and 35 minutes long :D Heard it while baking sweet, sugary treats for my lovely Nurseys.

Here is the original if you are interested (it's crap believe me)

Oh by the way: Thank you for making this song staying stuck in my head!


B.F and I were joking about the behaviour of patients and their relatives a while ago and made up some "rules" so on Thursday I deceided to write them down. My classmates laughed their ass off and said: "Oh well.. this is so true.."

So there you go:

Dear patients, dear relatives!
To make your and our day better here are some pretty easy rules:

  1. If you have a hospitalisation, we will keep you here. It is not possible to give you some drugs and drive you home.
  2. No, we don't pay you the cab if you are leaving against the advice  of the doc.
  3. If you come into the hospital upright and you walk totally easily, we will not drive you to the ward with a wheelchair. 
  4. Of course you are not old. You can prove that by turning around one time in less than 20 steps.
  5. If you don't want any blood tests, infusions, examinations etc... then why are you here?!
  6. The doctor will not see you sooner if you ask us every 2 minutes. Please wait. We are not able to influence certain things.
  7. I did not cook the food. Please don't blame me if it's cold/not enough/not tasty. 
  8. Saying "Yes" or "No" if I ask you if you had digestion today is totally enough. 
  9. The alarm is for emergencies. Opening the bottle for you, closing the window or fluffing your pillow up is not an emergency.
  10. Dear relatives: I cannot help but react annoyed  if you ask "Well how is it going with my mother today?" Here are 40 patients, I've never seen you in my whole life and I have no fucking idea who your mother is!
  11. Please ask the doctor if you have any questions about diagnoses, examinations or illnesses.  Trainees, apprentices and guys who work here because of the alternative civilian services may be a little bit overstrained. 
  12. Please don't give us some urine or feces samples in our hands if we aren't wearing gloves.
  13. Please don't ask aforementioned not qualified staffmembers what will be happening with you after the intake. We have no idea!
  14. You are allowed to clean your nightstand before we are standing in front of you with the food-tray. These trays are pretty heavy!!
Thank you.


All that is left is taste.

This part inspired me to go to the chocolate room and buy some of the best, tastiest and most delicious chocolate I've ever eaten in my life. I'm not kidding.

Here are some photos I took:

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel Part II (You can see the caramel filling..)

Peanut Caramel

Creme de Cacao



and here is the part from "The Thief of Time" which inspired me:

(Lady Myria LeJean talks to Susanne again)

"We...they...We gotta be stopped!"
"With chocolate?" Susanne asked.
"The sense of taste is new to us. New and strange.
We are without any protection when it comes to taste."
"A dry biscuit almost killed me." said her ladyship.
"Susanne, can you imagine how it feels to taste for the first time?
We created our physical bodies really good. Oh yes.
A whole lot of taste buds.
Even water tastes like wine. But with chocolate..
All thoughts come to an end.
All that is left is taste."
She sighed.
"I guess it is a wonderful way to die."

It is, indeed.


On the beach

Umm.. WOW!

I wanna try this out. Who's coming with me!?

"But I felt so sorry for him"

There is one thing I love and I hate about becoming a nurse:
Somehow I started to say what I think, which is pretty funny for my colleagues but maybe not always appropriate.

This morning the assistant boss who was driving with me told me before we left the bureau:
"This will be a nightmare, you know?"
and I replied a little bit unbelieving:
"Isn't a little bit unskillful to tell me that before I am in your car, with my seatbelt on and no chance to jump out of the car because the central locking system is on?"

Well, long story short:
She did not lie. It was a complete nightmare.
I think (well I hope actually) that I am really pretty liberal when it comes to smell.
But this patient we had to take care of this morning or rather his apartment really killed me.
I seriously started shaking and felt the urgent need to vomit. Immediately.
 The food in the fridge was all mouldy. (I hate it when people use the same spoons for catfood they use for their own food - CRINGE! Or store open cans of cat food in their fridge. It just smells disgusting.)
There was a cat toilet which seemed to be cleaned for the last time maybe.. a month or more ago?
The bed was all wet. And by wet I don't mean sweat or water. I mean urine. Human and cat urine.
And cat shit. And human shit. And a few more other stains I don't even wanna think about.
There was no bathroom in this apartment. There was a small toilet downstairs but since her patient (I refuse to say mine, because he was def. not my patient.) isn't able to walk properly (or to walk at all, who knows) he just used two toilet chairs. Which were both completely full. Can you imagine the smell?
My stomache tried to commit suicide by cramping in agony.

After we left, I sat in the car, letting my head hanging loosely somewhere on my knees, mumbling:
" As a non smoker I now feel the urgent need for a cigarette and a shot of Wodka. You know that all of your colleagues will hate you for taking this patient in, don't you?"
She replied (shrugging her shoulders): "Yeah, I know, but I felt so sorry for him."

Sometimes I feel like no matter what we earn: It's just not enough.


Foals - Miami

The singer reminds me of Kele, I think I posted a song from Foals before, don't know when though.
I totally like this song.


Random links aka your weekly prescription from Dr. Tiny

Mrs. Spine A beauty contest looking for the nicest spine. Including X-Rays.

Get a spine! The number of people I would like to give one is endless.. Oh where to begin..

Dark Roasted Blend (weird and wonderful things) blogged about the abandoned houses of super villains.
Did you know that Stalin didn't like mirrors?

I updated the post about the day at the beach. New photos, yay! Click here

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
(Roald Dahl)

He's a total wanker.. What a slut...

The guy I've been driving with the whole weekend has a pretty interesting sense of humor.
Every male patient is a wanker for him, every female patient is a slut.

He was washing the private parts of a male old patient suffering from dementia who asked:
"Who are you?"
and he replied:
"I'm your perverted neighbour."

Another female patient also suffering from dementia said to him while he was washing her (I was washing her husband, also suffering from dementia, at the same time):
"Stay here with me, I am longing for you!"
and he laughed and said: "No, sorry I can't - I don't have a rubber."

Later she looked at me and said to him: "Who is that woman over there."
He grinned and said: "A concubine."
I replied: "Hey, watch your mouth!"
He laughed and said: "I don't even know what that means!"

When we were driving to the next patient I turned on the radio.
A song from Rihanna was playing and he said totaly laid back:
"Oh nooo.. Nowadays they are giving birth on the radio..."

And the universe answers..

Something from my favourite author again, still from "The Thief of Time".

Unity (former Lady Myria LeJean) and Susanne, Death's Grandchild are talking:

"It's a long way to Ankh-Morpork." said Unity.
"Somebody will take us there." Susanne replied.
The first stars appeared at the night sky.
"The stars are really pretty." said Unity.
"You really think so?"
"I'm learning. Humans think they are pretty."
"You know, sometimes you look at the universe and you think:
'What is going on with me?' and then you think you are hearing how the universe answers:
'Yeah, what is going on with you already?'"
Unity thought about this.
"Well? What is going on with you?"


"The speeding willies"

Today I had a pretty long late-shift: I left the hospital at 21:45 o.O"
The guy I was driving with was pretty funny luckily:
He said if more male nurses would work at the ambulant nursing service, he would rename it to:
The speeding willies.
I have no idea why he has chosen this special name but I really lauged my ass off.

Later we went into the apartment of a very disgusting, stinking female patient to just give her the medication she needs and obviously she fell off the sofa and was laying on the floor.
"Help me out of here!" She said.
"No, just give her the pills and let's go" He said to me but then bursted into laughing.

This was the song I heard on my way home:

Coloured souls

A wonderful quote brought to me by wonderful F. on the back of a letter:

As time goes by, the soul takes on the colour of your thoughts.
-Marc Aurel



I uploaded some of the pics I took in July, more after the jump!


"Why? Are you going out tonight?"

Working in the ambulant nursing services is not good for my already rather less existent patience.

This old (to my mind mental) lady opens the door and starts to bitch:
"Well, you are very, very late. What did you do? You two lazies!"
I looked at her and wished that looks could kill and said: "Why? Are you going out tonight later?"
but the nurse I was with warned me with a look.
Ok, I understand, don't be rude, you have act like a professional..

Seriously: These people are sitting on their couch the whole fucking day, watching TV, waiting for the next meal and if we arrive at their houses, totally stressed, after running up 4 storeys,
they act like they have a bursting schedule and every minute we are late costs them thousands of Euros.
Oh by the way: We were caught by a speed camera yesterday because the nurse was so stressed because she was late that she was driving 90 where only 50km/h were allowed.

The hospital made an hater of the elderly out of me..



"And sometimes I wish, sometimes, I wish I was like Mariella,
she got some pritt stick and she glued her lips together.
So she never had to speak, never had to speak, never had to speak.
People used to say she's as quiet as a mouse, she just doesn't make a peep.
She marched to her wardrobe and she threw away the colour,
because wearing black looks mysterious, but it didn't impress her mother.
She wanted to dress her baby in patterns and flowers,
but Mariella just crossed her arms and so she cried for hours."


Your weekly prescription, just randomness this time..

Robert Cameron took this photo:

"I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep." 

Kurt Vonnegut

"You are the music, while the music lasts." 

T.S. Eliot

I am working at the nursing service for out-patients right now.
One very old female patient who I've seen two days before for the first time said:
"Oh wait, I know your name, don't say it, I'll remember... Hildegard, right?"
"Um... no. Not exactly."

Still one of my alltime favourites, don't know if I posted it here before. If so: Sorry.

The ghosts of WWII - have a look. It's really interesting. I've been there a few months before.

Beauty in everything

Lightwriting in a skatepark


Wen the Eternally Surprised

A little part from the book "The Thief Of Time" by my alltime favourite author: Terry Pratchett.

This part is about Wen the Eternally Surprised:

"The first question of the reader was always:
"Why was he surprised eternally?"
And then he notices: "Wen thought about the nature of time and realized, that our universe is created new in every single moment. This made him realize that there is no such thing as past, there are only memories.
You blink with your eyes and suddenly there is a world which did not exist when your eyes were closed.
So Wen came to the conclusion that there is only one state of mind which is suitable:
And the only suitable state of mind for the heart is joy.

No one saw the sky you see right now ever before.
The perfect moment is now.
Be happy about it."

I've read it about 10 times until now and I like this part more and more every time.
Sorry for my poor translation though.
 "Tears clean your heart"

Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski
Russian author