Your weekly prescription, just randomness this time..

Robert Cameron took this photo:

"I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep." 

Kurt Vonnegut

"You are the music, while the music lasts." 

T.S. Eliot

I am working at the nursing service for out-patients right now.
One very old female patient who I've seen two days before for the first time said:
"Oh wait, I know your name, don't say it, I'll remember... Hildegard, right?"
"Um... no. Not exactly."

Still one of my alltime favourites, don't know if I posted it here before. If so: Sorry.

The ghosts of WWII - have a look. It's really interesting. I've been there a few months before.

Beauty in everything

Lightwriting in a skatepark

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  1. Hildegard eh? Well i always like beein' called random names, kinda' keeps it fresh ;D

    Greedings from the friggin' busy guy next door (kind of) whos name contains two C's - and no, it's not "Ccarlton" but you get the idea ;-)