Hey, hey it's been a bloody while. Hope you guys are still alright.
Let's move right ahead:

I've seen (and washed, ugh..) almost every kind of human body type. Like this

Had my first reanimation two days ago. Wow, never thought it's that exhausting. Been drenched in sweat after a minute or less. The most disturbing part was, that in this specific moment, I looked at the face of the man and thought: Oh jeez.. I am not doing you a favour in any way. It would be the best for him if we would just go and leave him alone. But no, of course not, I mean he was only 53 years old but had lung cancer with a real bad prognosis. Like my colleague D. said:

"They are all victims. Victims of our health system. They are not allowed to die."

Like that other patient we had:
Even at 93 years you are not allowed to die. Not before you had your 12th blood bottle.

Welcome to the end.