Unfinished post

A while ago I wrote the beginning of a blog post, it seemed to be the winter two years ago I suppose but unfortunately I did not finish it and I don't remember the situation. So we will never know what exactly I replied.
This is the post:

One of the guys who drives the patients from the ward to all the different examinations seemed to be in a pretty good mood. I wanted to pick a patient up at the intensive ward and said:
"Oh, wait a minute, I'm just getting a jacket, otherwise I'll freeze my ass off."
and he replied:
"Well.. With me, you don't need a jacket. The ride will be hot enough."
With made me look kinda like this: O.o" ...
and I said:

Never gets old.


I read the book "99 francs" by Frédéric Beigbeder a few years ago and there was one special sentence main character Octave said in the book.

It was something like:
"People commit suicide because they only have outstanding balances in the mail.
No one writes real letters anymore."

This sentence made me think for quite a while.
When did I receive the last real letter? And when did I write the last one?
And why? Ah.. The questions kept coming..

Of course it seems to be much easier to just send a SMS or write a few lines on Facebook, via Email or whatever.

I wrote a lot of postcards when I've been on my four weeks trip but at home.. Very occasionally.
Very, very occasionally.
I do love writing letters though, so I think I will try to write more letters to my friends and family.
 Just because.


Girls night

Going out tonight with my colleague (and friend) C. Will be awesome I suppose.