Can someone call a doctor, please? I'm hyperventilating..

Because this spine necklace is made out of pure awesomeness! I swear, no lie.
Just click and scroll down and start drooling like I do.
I mean.. A black or white spine necklace? Holy godmother of coolness!
Wearing this under your white coat.. I would be the coolest doctor in the whole hospital.
(Well, I'm not a doctor and I don't own this necklace but just IMAGINE how super awesome it would be! Dayummmm..)

I found a necklace which looks similar but is not half as cool as the Givenchy necklace.
This squid tentacle ring is also nice but I want the necklace!!

Who wants to be the best and nicest and most caring reader in the whole wide world?

Sum it up!

So let's do a little roundup:

->Christmas songs sung this year: 0 (very good)

->times I heard "Last Christmas" on the radio: 1 (very good and quite surprising, maybe I don't listen much radio anymore)

 -> eaten traditional Christmas cookies aka Spekulatius: maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of a whole package (Hey, since August? Very good)

-> Received presents: I don't know actually. But they were all pretty great more or less. (No shower gel, very good)

-> time I spent at family meetings: 24th: 1 and 1/2h (perfectly!), 25th: 3 or 4 h (very good), 26th: 6h (okay)

-> times someone asked me: "So how was your Christmas?": Too often. (Annoying)

-> Times I said Merry Christmas: 1/2. Someone said: "YAY! Merry Christmas!" and I was mumbling something which sounded like:
"Yeahhhh... Mry chmas too." (Very good)

So, there will be peace and silence for the next twelve months until the madness starts again.
Ho, ho, ho.

Quote of the day

I'm reading a book by Hakan Nesser at the moment and there was this one quote which made me laugh really hard:

Inspector Barbarotti talks to his 19 year old daughter Sara on the phone (she is in London and works there and *drumroll* has a new boyfriend!)

"A boyfriend?" repeated Gunnar Barbarotti and almost crushed his pint.
"Yes! His name is Richard. And he is totally fantastic!"
I don't believe that for a single second, thought Barbarotti.
He is only trying to fool you and he's going to rip you off, don't you understand that?
"Richard?" he said. "Well. What is he doing all the time?"
"He is a musician."
MUSICIAN!, a voice inside of Gunnar Barbarotti screamed.
Sara, are you nuts? Music and drugs and Aids and the devil and his grandmother, go home, lock the door, I will come and pick you up!
"Hello, are you still on the phone?"



Just some things

WikiSpoilers! (Darth Vader was Luke's father etc.)

Abbey Sidewalk - The Beatles

Someone loves you out there !

                                                    All photos are taken by me (2010)


Made me smile

Because it's not enough to grumble about the weather - you gotta do something to bring back summer!


Neon Trees - Animal

So cool! Or do you like the radio version better? It's more danceable (or at least I wanna dance to it)

Plus: Female Drummer!


Pics I took in November

All photos are taken by Tiny (2010)


A while ago

almost one month to be precisely, fabulous F., J. and me went to the Robert Francis concert in Cologne.
Except the fact that we got stuck in traffic on the way to Cologne and that I'm not able to park my father's car properly (I freaked out to be honest, hey, parking in Cologne is a nightmare!) it was super fun.
Francis' sister played before him (and I have to say that she is much cooler than him!)

It seems like he and his sister were live a lot better than they seem to be in all the studio versions I found on youtube.

The concert itself was super funny. I said to F. "Geez.. I wanna beat that fat guy in front of me. I can't see anything!" a few minutes later, F. tapped on my shoulder, almost crying because she laughed so hard.
"That fat guy is a chick!"
(S)he really was. Holy shit!
At the end of the concert Francis said something like: "Well there is someone in the audience who wants to say something, please come up."
and a cute, blonde girl came up and said:
"Well.. "insert random guy name here", you've been my lover and my best friend for the last ten years and since a while you are my jogging partner too.. Blablabla.. Do you want to marry me?"
And the whole club was like: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
And he came up and kissed her, so I guess that was supposed to be a "yes".
It was romantic even though F. and I agreed that this could've gone terribly wrong.
"Martin? Martin? Where are you!" And you just hear the sound of feet moving away very quickly :D
But it was all romantic and stuff and they looked very cute and happy together, so: All the best.

Still waiting for F. to give me the pictures she took ;)

Heroes Exhibition

It's been a while since we went to Heroes exhibition in... (see, I already forgot where it was.. anyway.)
So here are some of the photos I took there:

Wait there's something weird about this Lady..

Oh, ok I see.

A ring the surviving jews gave to Schindler. It's made of gold. Gold from the teeth of dead jews. Thankyouverymuch. The hebrew letters say: "Who saves only one life, saves the whole word."

Black sheep

Now I had this song in mind since I watched the movie (which was cool by the way just the ending sucked. It was like: "Hey, we have this super cool idea but then we don't know how to fill two hours or what with it. Anyway, it was nice, watched it twice)

But then I found out who made the song originally.

Guess what!


Luxirare owns these spine shoes I wrote about once. Cool!

Pop(ped) Art Waterbombs photographed in the moment they explode!

Pictures of Bettie Page (who I love for looking so super cute and friendly and whose smile seems honestly. Plus she looks super sexy without wearing a size zero! T&A ftw!)

60 ways to make life easy again

Kerstin ZuPan takes interesting photos


Yesterday a patient said: "Hey, hey, hey! What are you wearing?"
and I was like: "Umm.. pants?"
He: "Haha. Cool."

Another patient asked me:
"What's your name?"
I said: "Tiny."
He: "Tiny?"
I: "Yes, Tiny."
He: "Alright, Tiny."

It's so weird to hear your own name so often in less than a minute :D


Last day

Today I had my last day at the closed psychiatric ward.
I'm really sad I have to leave, because it was great and the team was super nice.
A patient gave me a letter:

" Dear Tiny!
I wish you all the best at the other stations!
It was nice time with you here at this station.
It would be awesome if you could come and visit us.
Don't let anyone get you down and always keep your chin up!
You will do it, I really hope so for you.
It's so sad you stop working here.
Alright I wish you all the best.
PS: Please visit me some time here.

I like you,

Patient's name."

I was really surprised and it made me smile somehow :)


What I want: Silence.
What I need: Peace.

Random stuff

Underwater Carousel from Elena Kalis on Vimeo.

Red Green Blue

How to stay unhappy forever 
(Damn, I'm pretty good at a lot of these things)


We are talking about a female patient.
S: "She said that some bad things happened today."
Tiny: "Really? She said the same yesterday."
C. *laughing&singing* "Bi-ba-borderliner!"

Dancing around to this, hardly trying to ignore snow and ice


The worst thing in winter? Old people!

I mean seriously: There is snow and ice. Fucking everywhere.
So an old man was brought to the hospital who broke his leg pretty bad.

And now enjoy his explanation:

He tried to ride to the cemetery (sic!) on his bike.
That was the part when I wanted to look into his ears to see if there was sunshine and air in his head.

They asked him what he wanted to do there.
He wanted to light up some candles.
No further comment necessary.


Raging Doctor

A patient who is actually patient at our ward but was at the Intensive Care Station was making trouble over there.
One of our Docs should go there and have a look.
Doc: "They want me to come over and calm her down! But I'm in the mood to wear her down!"


Wise quote

My fellow partner in crime Mr. Bonobo Stafford came all the way from Dublin and shared his wisdom with us:

"Like Konfuzius once said: ... Is that mine?"

Great times.

Never gets old

"Why are they together?" "..."

We were talking about a super nice and very cool Doc who is together with a Nurse who seems to be grumpy all the time.
Someone said: "Why are they together? I seriously don't get it.."
My colleague grinned and said:
"The golf ball and the garden hose.."
I started laughing instantly even though I had no idea what he meant.
Later he explained to me, that this was a quote from a film in which a woman can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Haha.

The ward round was over.
A patient smiled and said to the Doctor: "Get well soon!"
He looked surprised and said: "Yes, thank you."

One of my favourite patients (yes, I have some)
talked in the ward round about voices he hears in his pituitary gland and that in 1985 he wrote a letter which only consisted of one sentence: "Dear god, your R. does not have any feelings left."
He also stated the idea that catholics could be confused with communists.
Later he said:
"If you dream.." and stopped. I thought this sounded very philosophical.

One day I wore a white tunic which is pretty long over my jeans.
A drunk patient said to me:
"Put your shirt into your pants!" (like old people do often..)
and I thought:
"Dude... At least I wear pants!"
He was naked.

Today we got the timetables for our exams next week
and my dear fellow Nursey I. and I have our  exam on 12:30.
Tiny: "That's a good time actually."
I.: "Yeah, so I have enough time from 8:00 till 12:30 to shit bricks."
Tiny: XD


Is it gay to wear a boiler-suit?

I was in the hallway of the closed ward with a young patient. Two craftsmen came in to repair a door.
He was like: "Ey, ey, ey who are these guys?"
I replied: "Craftsmen."
He: "Gay! They are gay! Gay craftsmen!"
I said: " You plonker.."

Love someone

I love this song!


Doctor: "Oh come on, why is this patient back here again?"
Nurse: "Because he is suicidal."
Doctor: "Oh, I could totally do that for him..."

I picked something up from the floor a few days ago, so my shirt revealed app. a centimeter of my back.
Patient: "Hey, hey, hey! You've got a tattoo!"
Tiny: "No I don't."
Patient: "Of course you have!"

I lauged and said no again.

He said: "What is it?"
I replied: "Your name. Across my whole back."
He: "Really?"
Me: "Sure."
He: "Sweet!" :)

Crazy people are funny.



We have a new patient (Actually we all know him).

M. said to the Doc: "Male patient, status post...homelessness."
The patient screamed and yelled all the time: "All the doctors wanna sleep with me! Even though I'm not tired!
This whole perverted fornication here.. Every doctor is looking for gay sex! Look it up on the internet!"

When I gave him a pair of socks (because he had none) he became my relational care patient.
He called my "the scholar" all the time and "Miss Tiny". My colleagues made fun of me ;)

Another patient (who claimed to be the son of Prince Charles, the husband of Princess Stephanie from Monacco, the boss of the German Bank, a member of Interpol and some more things..) screamed at me because he simply didn't like females.
It's been a while since I learned French in school but I do know what that means..
Tiny: "If you think you have to call me names,  you can leave the room immediately and forget your dinner!"
He looked surprised and mumbled: "I said python.."
Tiny: "Just shut up.."

What's better? Being called a whore or a snake?

Some more random pics I took

Golden days

Golden days II
Golden days III

Double rainbow!! (if you look closely)

A man walking with his dog.

The missing building
If all patients could be fixed this easily..
I  have a spine obviously.
Wanted one since...years?


Not so funny side of the psych

A patient suffering from depressions said at the ward round:
"I wanna go home. I'm not sick anymore."
Doctor: "So what are you going to do at home?"
Patient: "I don't know. Maybe I will throw myself in front of a train."



Songs I like

Whoa, I love this song, it makes me dance instantly!

Heard this on my way home from work yesterday evening.

My mum used to listen to The Cure when she was young :D I like this song, I think it sounds.. well.. sexy?

Little Nurse

Mister T. (a patient) asked me: "Can I talk to you, little nurse?"
Tiny: "Um.. Sure."
Mister T. : "Can you come to my room?"
Tiny: "Why?"
Mister T.: "So we can have sex?"
Tiny: -.-" "NO!"

Yesterday another patient asked me:
"Hey, how's it going?"
Tiny: "Fine, thanks."
He: "Ey,ey, ey, can you kiss me?"
Tiny: "No."

A few days ago he asked me if I could sit on top of him.
Needless to say I didn't, right...right?

That's a catastrophe.

A male nurse at the psych ward:

"Being a borderliner is terrible. But being a borderliner and stupid is a catastrophe."

I laughed and felt bad shortly after..


Like this

Did you know that Owen Pallett is a member of Arcade Fire? Cool!

Just a quick weekly prescription


Confronting life pretty sad

Paid to do it, but he failed

I always like reading good quotes


Sorry, not much stuff this time but I'll be back :)



I like this song

Things written on the white board

There is this white board on the wall of the closed ward. It's for the date and a quote or whatever to make the patients think.

Here are some of the things which were written on it for the last couple of days:

"Write me, write her, write on MK-paper."

"What is a skunk?" (a little animal was drawn under the sentence)

"Was Jesus anthroposophist? NO!"


"Who stole the pen?"

Things from the ward round

Here are some of the things patients said while we had our ward round:
"I don't feel pretty good. There are about 200 letters in me but I can't relate the problems with the letters to certain persons. The so called "Death" is coming. You cannot make a living out of hallucinations."

"I have problems which are kind of socially. But I'm not totally disheartened.
I have a little note. It says: "Love = Agape" (Agape means brotherly love by the way - Tiny)
Do I have 2 minutes left to live or 20 years? But I'm here. I don't know what else to say.
My digestion doesn't work."

Doctor: "Do you still have contact with Jesus?"
Patient: "For sure!"
Doctor: "And what do you talk about?"
Patient: " That's private."

One of the patients had a fight with his wife. After that he told the Doctor that he supposes his wife to be sick as well.

Patient: "So I don't take drugs anymore and I'm not sick. Can I go home?"
Doctor (very annoyed and pretty loud): "You sniffed custard powder through your nose! How crazy is that?!"

There is this one song on the radio which I love. It makes me wanna dance instantly.
I can't find a good version on Youtube (fucking Geoblocking..) but it's this:

It's Maximum Balloon "Groove me"


You aren't a man, are you?

I'm walking down the hall at the closed ward.
A young patient walks right behind me and touches my hair while he says:
"Wow, you've got pretty hair.."
I answer: "Um.. Thank you but please don't touch me."
He says: "Okay.. But you aren't a man, are you?"

No, I'm def. not, thank you very much..

Later the doctor talked to him and suddenly he said:
"Look at me." So I did.
"Smile!" I smiled because he is such a crackpot.
He opens his eyes like a lemur and says to the doctor:
"She's a good girl!"

Thanks again :)


Autumn twilight (not related to the vampire shit)

All pics taken by Tiny (2010)

Weekly prescription

Bullet headphones

Marinemine  Stuff made out of old sea mines!

I would eat that  You like morbid candy and/or Dexter? Click!

Silver heart steampunk shirt - I would wear that!

I'm def. not a Donots fan (even though I've already seen them live)
but I kind of like the song. The video is pretty cool though:

And sometimes... life feels like this...


"I could even wear a wig and kiss a guy and I wouldn't be gay!"

We have a new patient who is pretty interesting:
He wants to be hetero-, bi- and homosexual -all at once.
His favourite words are "gay" "f*ck" and "smash".
He uses them frequently like so "Damn, I f*cked this gay motherfucker and then I smashed him cause I don't wanna be f*cked by gays."

My colleague supposed that he is at least "interested" because otherwise he wouldn't care about this topic so much.

My mum always says that patients who are delusional say the truth (when it comes to their feelings) and he said:
"You know that, right? You're a scholar!" I replied "No, I'm not, I'm a trainee." And he answered: "No, you're a scholar!"

It has been said, so it must be true :)


A seven nation army couldn't hold me back..

We have a patient at the closed ward right now who can be calmed down by humming "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, which is pretty awesome I think. Also he had a Clavicula surgery and drank the liquid from his Redon drains :D XD Dis-gus-ting..


How are you feeling today?

Patient: "Yes.. Since it is totally obivous that I am not a patient but a visitor I want you to respect all my human rights and my privacy. I am not a patient. I am more like.. a pre-patient."
Doctor: "I took notice of that."
Patient: "Thank you."

Day 1
Doctor: "How are you feeling today?"
Patient: "I feel good. Europe is united and we do have the Euro as currency.
That was pretty hard for me to get at first.
The international tobacco business is totally influenced by the skunk.
And I don't even know what that means!"
Doctor: "I asked you how you are feeling today."
Patient: "Oh, right. I'm fine."

Day 2
Doctor: How are you feeling today?"
Patient: "Oh, I am very balanced today. The skunk is a North American animal and I suppose it is about 50cm tall. It has a lid at his snout and in there is a gland. I'm not totally sure about all this but I guess it is a scale.."

I'm pretty excited about day three at the closed ward.

Life design - The Parlotones

Had this stuck in my head all the way home.


Fluttering like butterflies

My heart flutters.
I sit in fron of my laptop, just browsing the internet.. Doing nothing exciting in particular.
Then I think: "Hm.. something is different.."
Then I realise: My heart beats as if I've run the stairs up and down a couple of times.
I check my pulse: 96.
That is new.


Very short prescription

Fucking design advice

Moebius comic strip (as seen in the Golden Cage video by The Whitest Boy Alive)


La petite future doctoresse aka weekend housewife

This is what happens when I am bored and craving for sweet, sugary treats:
Banana-chocolate-muffins.. Oh yeah baby!
Can you see the liquid chocolate inside of the muffin?

Blonde Doctoresse

Uh by the way:

One lovely visitor of my blog came here by searching for:
"blonde doctoress love fucking black patient"

You naughty rascal.. I hope you like what you've found.


 I did this last week as a present and it is the modified version of this, I had this guy in mind whose sign says:
I want: Her, I need: Her.
So cute.


The whitest boy alive - Golden cage

Clever video, laid back music.

Pictures I took in September (until now)

La petite future doctoresse - everywhere you go!

Wear your heart on your sleeve

First thing I saw when I woke up
Autumn calling

Thoughts about working in the hospital.

My dad and I had a conversation about working in hospitals and the whole medical sector in general when we where driving home to my parents.

He said that he read an article about it and was totally disenchanted.
The article was partly about a young doctor who reported that his actual working time was from 7:00am until 5:00 pm but all the paperwork made it impossible to leave before 9:30 pm. EVERY DAY.

There was a big article in the newspapers a few days ago about an elderly woman who wasn't able to move or anything who got bit by a mouse (Which is pretty strange to me because actually mice are afraid of humans and aren't looking for any contact, do you think it could've been a rat and they don't want to write it in the newspaper?)

My dad also said that a lot of M.Ds don't wanna work in hospitals anymore because even when you have your day off they can call you to do some extra shifts.

I know about all of these things (ok not about the rat/mouse thing, holy shit..)
but the thought which keeps me doing my work and wanting to become a doctor is, that there are a lot of people who are helpless, who need someone who protects them against all these fuckers who don't give a shit and who will let you lie in your own feces because they are drinking a coffee right now and don't want to be bothered.
These are the type of colleagues who make me feel ashamed.
I always imagine someone of my family or someone I love lying there without any protection and it makes me cringe. In every family should at least one person work in the medical sector to protect his or her relatives.

Food Inc.

I saw the Trailer of Food Inc. and actually I'm pretty interested in watching it.
The only thing that really annoyed me was this country-like music when the "you can do it/change it/be someone-part" began. And the guy with the hat is really pretty stereotypical.


Of moons, birds and monsters

I like MGMT and I like this remix.

"That's hip hop and that's too bad."

You like it?

The level of your nose

Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level.

Max L. Forman 



Today I had my very first espresso in a shop not far away from my apartment (actually it's a shop for lingerie and other girls stuff but the owner asked if I wanted some coffee (sure) and so I tried it. Pretty bitter but I tried it with a malt candy.)

The picture was taken in Berlin by me (2010)

To become a chief physician...

Dr.: "To become a chief physician you need two things:
One right elbow and one left elbow."
E.: "Or a very short skirt."
Tiny:" I have both!"^^


Your weekly prescription by Dr. Tiny

Ten awesome sky photos

Ten very cool street artists (I love street art, I always wanted to do some on my own, never did though)

What to do when body parts fell off  Now you know!

Abandoned Russian Dental Clinic "And now open your mouth and say "AhhhhhhhHHRG!"

I saw a very clever photo today: There was just a hand showing to the right side and the text underneath it said:

"Now this would be your weapons if zombies take over the world today."

Mine would be: A calculator and a hole puncher. Oh dear, I would be eaten first.


First: Look at this! Evolution of type! Very cool idea!

I'm writing this from the free w-lan hot spot at Mc Donald's so sorry if my post will be just a little quick one.

We had a lesson about people with mental illnesses a while ago.
Our teacher said: "Well, it's not too seldom that people with mental handicaps often have mental illnesses as well. For example people who suffer from the Down-Syndrome often have love-deliriums as well."
T. said totally enthusiasthically: "Now that's something I like!"

:D He was totally serious and we suppose that all that he wants is something like a very own fan, who loves and adores you.

So ok, now that's all for now.

Look at this picture. It's beautiful!



Amsterdam - is this a football?^^


Pics I took in August

Well, there aren't too many though. I did not have the time (and the money) to buy new batteries for my camera. I bought a charger today though.

So here are the few pics I took with my mobile phone:

Chocolate and flowers to make me happy again, it worked!

Almondtarte before baking and after (below)

Delicious little things F. made
We Nurseys know how to live good (at least when it comes to eating)

New shoes. 
My pin-up pictures and flowers for me :)

A snowflake in the livingroom of my parents.

It's been pretty quite around here for a while but I promise to work on several things.
Stay tuned!