Quote of the day

I'm reading a book by Hakan Nesser at the moment and there was this one quote which made me laugh really hard:

Inspector Barbarotti talks to his 19 year old daughter Sara on the phone (she is in London and works there and *drumroll* has a new boyfriend!)

"A boyfriend?" repeated Gunnar Barbarotti and almost crushed his pint.
"Yes! His name is Richard. And he is totally fantastic!"
I don't believe that for a single second, thought Barbarotti.
He is only trying to fool you and he's going to rip you off, don't you understand that?
"Richard?" he said. "Well. What is he doing all the time?"
"He is a musician."
MUSICIAN!, a voice inside of Gunnar Barbarotti screamed.
Sara, are you nuts? Music and drugs and Aids and the devil and his grandmother, go home, lock the door, I will come and pick you up!
"Hello, are you still on the phone?"


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  1. Did you laugh because he was right? You of all people should know best that musicians are the devil, THE DEVIL I TELL YOU