So viel Leid..

Today a patient died on the intensive ward I'm working at. That happens now and then, people are sick, people die, the world keeps on turning.

But this patient was special to me because I knew him from the cardiology ward.
He liked me, he was the one who wanted to give me ten Euros "because you're nice."
It's different when people die and a few weeks before you laughed and chatted with them, if you know their family etc.
His daughter is just a few years older than I am and really, it broke my heart.
She cried so much, repeating: "Dad, don't go, don't leave me." Over and over and over again.
When I told my colleague that he died he said: "Well.. Finally!" and I replied: "Oh fuck you, that's so mean."

It's part of the circle, to die one day.
But it's never easy and never nice. Dying is always ugly.


Black Milk Clothing

I think I had the swimsuit on this blog before but I still love it.

If I could pull off leggins I would wear



and this.



Day eight on the intensive ward is over and it's great. Seriously, I love it. I learn so much and it's super interesting, I met a lot of nice new people.
They have a pretty special sense of humour though.

One of the docs there talked to a colleague about his upcoming medical specialist exam.
He said that he was unwilling to learn and that he thought how pointless a lot of the stuff to learn is.
My colleague said: "Well.. If you become a gyn you will probably need this."
He sighed and answered.
"Well.. If my grandmother had wheels, she would've become a skateboard and not my grandmother."

O...kay... :D

The other day one of my young, female colleagues rushed to me and my tutor and said:
"What the hell! My patient is masturbating and smiles disgusting at me! What shall I do?"
I replied: "I don't know.. Tell him you're not impressed? Or take a video?"
My tutor laughed and said: "Hey, I thought you are one of the sweet, innocent kind!?"
And I replied: "Well. I am. My sense of humour is just a little bit weird."