I like this song

Things written on the white board

There is this white board on the wall of the closed ward. It's for the date and a quote or whatever to make the patients think.

Here are some of the things which were written on it for the last couple of days:

"Write me, write her, write on MK-paper."

"What is a skunk?" (a little animal was drawn under the sentence)

"Was Jesus anthroposophist? NO!"


"Who stole the pen?"

Things from the ward round

Here are some of the things patients said while we had our ward round:
"I don't feel pretty good. There are about 200 letters in me but I can't relate the problems with the letters to certain persons. The so called "Death" is coming. You cannot make a living out of hallucinations."

"I have problems which are kind of socially. But I'm not totally disheartened.
I have a little note. It says: "Love = Agape" (Agape means brotherly love by the way - Tiny)
Do I have 2 minutes left to live or 20 years? But I'm here. I don't know what else to say.
My digestion doesn't work."

Doctor: "Do you still have contact with Jesus?"
Patient: "For sure!"
Doctor: "And what do you talk about?"
Patient: " That's private."

One of the patients had a fight with his wife. After that he told the Doctor that he supposes his wife to be sick as well.

Patient: "So I don't take drugs anymore and I'm not sick. Can I go home?"
Doctor (very annoyed and pretty loud): "You sniffed custard powder through your nose! How crazy is that?!"

There is this one song on the radio which I love. It makes me wanna dance instantly.
I can't find a good version on Youtube (fucking Geoblocking..) but it's this:

It's Maximum Balloon "Groove me"


You aren't a man, are you?

I'm walking down the hall at the closed ward.
A young patient walks right behind me and touches my hair while he says:
"Wow, you've got pretty hair.."
I answer: "Um.. Thank you but please don't touch me."
He says: "Okay.. But you aren't a man, are you?"

No, I'm def. not, thank you very much..

Later the doctor talked to him and suddenly he said:
"Look at me." So I did.
"Smile!" I smiled because he is such a crackpot.
He opens his eyes like a lemur and says to the doctor:
"She's a good girl!"

Thanks again :)


Autumn twilight (not related to the vampire shit)

All pics taken by Tiny (2010)

Weekly prescription

Bullet headphones

Marinemine  Stuff made out of old sea mines!

I would eat that  You like morbid candy and/or Dexter? Click!

Silver heart steampunk shirt - I would wear that!

I'm def. not a Donots fan (even though I've already seen them live)
but I kind of like the song. The video is pretty cool though:

And sometimes... life feels like this...


"I could even wear a wig and kiss a guy and I wouldn't be gay!"

We have a new patient who is pretty interesting:
He wants to be hetero-, bi- and homosexual -all at once.
His favourite words are "gay" "f*ck" and "smash".
He uses them frequently like so "Damn, I f*cked this gay motherfucker and then I smashed him cause I don't wanna be f*cked by gays."

My colleague supposed that he is at least "interested" because otherwise he wouldn't care about this topic so much.

My mum always says that patients who are delusional say the truth (when it comes to their feelings) and he said:
"You know that, right? You're a scholar!" I replied "No, I'm not, I'm a trainee." And he answered: "No, you're a scholar!"

It has been said, so it must be true :)


A seven nation army couldn't hold me back..

We have a patient at the closed ward right now who can be calmed down by humming "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, which is pretty awesome I think. Also he had a Clavicula surgery and drank the liquid from his Redon drains :D XD Dis-gus-ting..


How are you feeling today?

Patient: "Yes.. Since it is totally obivous that I am not a patient but a visitor I want you to respect all my human rights and my privacy. I am not a patient. I am more like.. a pre-patient."
Doctor: "I took notice of that."
Patient: "Thank you."

Day 1
Doctor: "How are you feeling today?"
Patient: "I feel good. Europe is united and we do have the Euro as currency.
That was pretty hard for me to get at first.
The international tobacco business is totally influenced by the skunk.
And I don't even know what that means!"
Doctor: "I asked you how you are feeling today."
Patient: "Oh, right. I'm fine."

Day 2
Doctor: How are you feeling today?"
Patient: "Oh, I am very balanced today. The skunk is a North American animal and I suppose it is about 50cm tall. It has a lid at his snout and in there is a gland. I'm not totally sure about all this but I guess it is a scale.."

I'm pretty excited about day three at the closed ward.

Life design - The Parlotones

Had this stuck in my head all the way home.