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Last week=

Seven days - three countries.
Feeling like an international playgirl a tourist.

A very short link prescription this week

La-la-love-you I am so going to make one of these! Yum.

Europe according to Silvio Berlusconi Haha. True.

Rubik's Brain Cube. Nerdy! Like!

Inside the business of selling human body parts Whoa..

Because, you know, actually I am learning.. *cough*


Dublin 2011 with Fabulous F.

  Last coffee before we started. You wanna see more pictures? Of course you do!


I'm nowhere near..

"All these walls were never really there,
Nor the ceiling or the chair.
I'm eking weeks of peace at the beach
I see the breezes weave the trees,
These walls, you'll find, are yours and mine
Defined not by them, I
I'm in times that lie behind my eyelids,
The sunset still the rising silence,

I'll not feel no fear
Cos' I'm not really here
I'm nowhere near here

There's no rain on roof that grates and beats me
My favourite tree breaking light to pieces
Sprinkling, sharded light on me
Throw a stone as hard as you can
And hearing with hand not here at land
Nothing taxi, dusting sand
My window world spins and twirls,
The walls then fall, I recall the sort
White clouds white wash faded spotless
The weighty shadows, ranges of rocks
The cold is all illusion thought up
Stroll on the shore, snooze and explore
All possibilities in each new morning,
'til satisfied reaching out, yawning
Fish in a big dish, some rice and spice,
Salt over shoulder, never salted so tight
The truth I have told was silence sometimes
But who's soul does not hide any crimes
Wrapped in walls, encircled by work
The walls fall - the story occurs
No barrier, no boundary or 'low us ID's
The freedom to stay off straight
Be fiend or friend, cause no harm but charm - the peaceful end

[Chorus x2]

Pale, ancient woods, strew white sandy bays
This ugly room pales away today
I'm swimming in the ocean
I sink slow motion
Fingers, toes, floating
Every year 'til yesterday
I see the eternal setting sea
I compare all this to me,
It's all fleeting momentary me
I blink my eyes, this is reminding me
Life lies in the blink of an eye
The old die for reasons, new tides for seasons
New life born is like teasing
All these walls were really never there
Nor the ceiling or the chair
I'm eking weeks of peace at the beach
I see the breezes weave the trees
I am not here at all,
You are dearly fooled,
I see bristling trees, the shush at the sea
Fluttering seagulls
I'm not trapped in a box, so I am glancing at rocks
I'm dancing off docks
Since this stance began
That's where I am

[Chorus x2]

So done."


The smallest disco in the world?

I heard this song this morning while I was in the elevator on my way down to my current work.

I always dance around in the elevator (when I'm alone of course).
It's the smallest disco in the world and there is only music I like.
Plus: I always imagine other boys and girls around the world dancing like crazy when they are alone in an elevator.

Ok. Now it sounds weird. Even to me.

Gotta go.



Tits and Tetris :) it's by Kevin Tong

My teacher always used to say things like: "It doesn't matter where they are moving, if it's to America or Great Britain or to Wiki-waki..."
So imagine my surprise when I found out that Weeki Wachee is actually a real place! And a pretty nice one, too!
Here are some vintage pictures!

Doing nothing for two minutes. I did nothing for two minutes and it was very relaxing.

This is what school looks like - sometimes^^

PS: I did that- and it was amazing!

Vanilla cream, chocolate/coffee/cardamon cream and whipped cream. Oh yeah. You can see Dr. G in the back of the picture

Cologne II

Sun rising..

A heart made of chocolate - a gift from my mum :)

My mothers bag is like the one Mary Poppins has - she made a whole breakfast appear in 30 seconds

Ouh, what's this?

Lemon-cheesecake-biscuit stuff - tasty..

50% of the blood they took this time for several blood tests

Me-  very dead beat
Tried to get a photo of the bag with the lymphocytes but my hand was to shaky
The seats where you can donate blood normally - this morning I've been the only person there because they were closed actually

This morning my mum and I went to Cologne to get this whole "They take my lymphocytes and give them to her" thing done. I've been pretty excited. Getting up at 5:30, taking the train at 6:34.
My mum is always more excited than I am^^ (if that's possible.)
 I felt like a privat health care patient this morning:
Two doctors, one nurse (and my mum) being by my side all the time, asking me permanently if I feel comfortable, if it's too cold/warm/uncosy/whatever. Bringing me Cola and snacks.

This time the apheresis did not take so long like last time - but I seriously felt like it took two weeks.
It's like jogging: The first 30 minutes are pretty easy and hey - nothing can stop you.
And then it's getting more and more intense and in the end you feel like you did the Iron-man-run with a bad flu. Well, not really but kind of^^

When we finished the whole thing my mum and I went back to the train station.
I was so dead beat, I said:
"Mum.. I'm so unbelievably tired.."
She replied: "You can sleep on the train. I will take care."
I said: "I don't think I can sleep on the train."
She looked at me and started laughing. "You! You can sleep everywhere! Even when you sit or even stand!!
Don't tell me you can't sleep on the train."
And of course she was right.
We hardly left the train station and I fell asleep in a second.

As I said I would totally do it again because if someone I love would get sick, I would wish that someone would spend a little time and donate something you have either way to save a life.
This has nothing to do with feeling special or important or whatever but with responsibility.
I don't know this woman.
Maybe she has kids, maybe not. Maybe she is married, maybe not.
But there are people who care about her and who want her to become healthy again and to be able to sit in the park enjoying the sunshine like I did today.
And so it's pretty fair to spend a few hours with your arms tied to this apheresis machine if someone else gets the chance to recover.
Get well soon, Lady!

All the best, 



Let's do something real..

The "Kölner Dom" from far away

You cannot break this heart
Hot chocolate in the waiting room. Not very tasty but very hot and pretty cheap (only 40cents!)

The medical library of the Universitätsklinik in Cologne. I think it's Germany's biggest. 

So tomorrow I will be visiting Cologne again to support the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center or whatever).
"My" patient is a 41 year old woman suffering from Leukemia.
She needs some of my lymphocytes after I donated her stem-cells six months ago.
So fingers crossed, everything will be fine.

I don't know which song suits my mood better...

This one:

Or this one: