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Marylin Monroe's chest x-ray is on sale!

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I don't have my ears pierced but if I had them pierced I would wear these: *click*

Make love, not porn. Actually this should be self-evident but since it is not this is a very clever website for those who are curious.

Kissez is actually a really really cute website. You know, you pics and stuff of kissing people. Just the first video right now makes me think. I know a lot of people find it sexy seeing girls make out. Why?! I don't get it. Really.

Airship 'Algebra' from Love & Disaster on Vimeo.

Smells like teen spirit the jazzy version!


Found this today, it's so cute, it made me smile:
Before I heard the doctors tell
The dangers of a kiss;
I had considered kissing you.
The nearest thing to bliss.
But now I know biology
and sit and sigh and moan;
six million mad bacteria
and I thought we were alone!

— Anonymous

"Excuse me, I'm not old!"

Okay I'm done.

Work and all the other stuff mixed together is not a healthy combination.

We have this female patient right now who seems to be straight from hell. 
Sent  to us from a home for the elderly because of lack of appetite.
She screamed from the way of the walk-in clinic until we arrived in her room.
"I'M A 90 year old woman! You cannot do that to me! I'm NOT crazy!"
At first I really talked to her until I was blue in the face but then I just shut up.
It was pointless.
This morning I had to wash her.
So I prepared my stuff, checked if the water was warm enough, told her everything I was going to do so she wouldn't be scared or stuff until she yelled at me: "SHUT UP AND MOVE ON FINALLY!"
Tiny: -.-"
 By the way: Lack of appetite was not her problem. Her problem was:
"Where is the cold cut?"
"We don't have any. Would you like some cheese?"
"No I want cold cut!"
So in the end she was eating some weird jelly "Jagdwurst" (Disgusting to the max but anyway) without bread or anything else.
Patient: "You can devour this on your own. It's disgusting."
"No thank you. Eat it yourself or leave it on the plate already!"
"You are an old whore."
Tiny *reallyreallyreallypissed* "Excuse me, I'm not old!!"

Since she called our doctor an stupid asshole I am looking forward of never seeing her again when I will return to work on monday.

Thank God it's Friday (almost)!


To do:

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Best thing to motivate you ever!

I'm not quite sure what was better:

Today I visited a former patient who is now at the Intensive Care Station.
I was pretty scared who she would look like since she was really, really ill when she left our ward to have a surgery.

I asked: "How is Mrs. K.?"
and the intensive care nurse replied: "Well, you should go in and ask her!"
so I went in and she was lying there, her hair loosely and her cheeks looking rosy.
She smiled so much when she saw me and hold my hand she told me how she was feeling and stuff.
Feeling how happy she was about seeing someone from the staff was so unbelievable uplifting.

But I have to admit that this was also prettyyyyyy nice:

Patients at our hospital have the possibility to hand in a optionaire with the categories:
"What was good" "What was bad" and "What should be done differently"
And while I was breezing through the comments I thought: "How awesome must it be to read that a patient was content with your work."

And I swear: I had to read it three times:

One comment said:

What was good: Trainee Tiny and Trainee Christian.



I hope you will all have an amazing weekend.
I know mine will be!


The week in pictures (until now)

"It's like a cocktail!"

We have this uber cute Asian patient at the moment. She was a nurse too and she is extremely funny.
Yesterday she had to drink two litres of laxative to prepare for a coloscopy.

She said that drinking the laxative at room temperature is even more disgusting and asked if it was possible to keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes. It wasn't since our fridge at the ward was too small and too stuffed but I've thrown a couple of ice cubes in it and gave it back to her.
An hour later I asked her if she liked it and she replied:
"Yes! It's like a cocktail! I will go to the bathroom right now and get drunk!"

Dr. Mumble told us later that she offered him a "drink" too when he was on his ward round.

We have this other patient right now at the ward and he is more like a nightmare.
Yesterday he gave the alarm, sitting on the toilet.
He screamed: "I can't, I can't!"
And I asked: "Shall I put you back to bed now?"
And he was like: "No! I don't want to!"
Me: "So what do you want to do?"
Him: "I wanna take a shit!! You have to help me!"
Me (looking like: o.O) "So what shall I do for you now? Cheer for you?"



Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are.  ~Author Unknown

General Fiasco - Ever so shy

I love this song! Heard this today while driving home and it's so so awesome :)


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Dita von Teese Twit Pic... *sigh* I love her!

Not because I deserve better by LeLove. So sad, really, it almost brought me to tears.

Fight Club Heart Tattoo So so so awesomely cool!

You think this would suit me?

Or this:

Or these?

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Random pics I made

All pics are taken by Tiny (2010)


Are you married?

Today I was washing the feet of an old male patient.

He said: "Wow, you are very good at that."
Tiny: "Thanks."
Patient: "How old are you?"
Tiny: "21."
Patient: "Are you married?!"
Tiny: "Nope." o.O"
Patient: "Well, I have three sons who are all not married yet."
Tiny *g*: "How old?"
"Patient: "41, 43 and 51."
Tiny: "Ehm.. No thanks."

:D Holy crap..


"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."
~John Wooden

Sunshine and ice cream

Geez I'm so tired so just a few quick notes on my day:

I was sorting through a couple of sheets of blood values when Dr. Mumble came in, looked outside of the window (the sun was shining and it was warm and nice and everything) and said:
"Well, that's not a proper work for a trainee. Nurse A. you should let take Tiny the rest of the day off and then we should go out and eat some ice cream."

I looked surprised and Nurse A. looked grimly.
Needless to say that I continued working, right?


Nurses from hell?

So as we all know there are some patients who can drive you totally nuts within a minute.

But there are nurses as well who seem to be straight from hell.

Today we had a little more time to talk while drinking a cup of tea and we shared some stories we saw and heard in hospitals and homes for the elderly.

Our head of ward told us a story about her uncle who lives in a home for elderly people.
His one leg is amputated, he can't talk after having an apopleptic stroke and he cannot move very good.
So he needed to go to the toilet but one of the nurses told him:
"Well, you are wearing a diaper! Why don't you poop in it?"

Seriously, situations like these drive me crazy. Everyone who thinks like this should be forced to put on a diaper and shit in it.

Same patient, different situation:

He was in his bed and he wet in it.
Because he was so disgusted by his own urine that he pressed himself against the wall.

So guess what the nurse did?

Clean his bed?

Clean the man?

No way.

She placed his lunch on the urine puddle on his bed.

My jaw dropped when I heard that and I was really ashamed of some nurses working like this.
It's so fucking inhuman.

My new hobby:

Pic taken by Tiny (2010)

Can you see what I'm doing? (Except looking like an idiot with my arms up)


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A very short link love for this weekend since I had seriously no time to randomly browse the internet this week..

Deeply yours looks awesome!

Shimmer like gold posted some pics about all white rooms.. Hmmmmmmmm.... :)

Reminds me of summer



Nice to know

Today I visited my former colleagues at the dialysis ward.
My instructor and one of his colleagues shook my hand, smiled and said: "Hey Lady, how are you? Nice to see you."

It's nice to know you are welcome.