"Why? Are you going out tonight?"

Working in the ambulant nursing services is not good for my already rather less existent patience.

This old (to my mind mental) lady opens the door and starts to bitch:
"Well, you are very, very late. What did you do? You two lazies!"
I looked at her and wished that looks could kill and said: "Why? Are you going out tonight later?"
but the nurse I was with warned me with a look.
Ok, I understand, don't be rude, you have act like a professional..

Seriously: These people are sitting on their couch the whole fucking day, watching TV, waiting for the next meal and if we arrive at their houses, totally stressed, after running up 4 storeys,
they act like they have a bursting schedule and every minute we are late costs them thousands of Euros.
Oh by the way: We were caught by a speed camera yesterday because the nurse was so stressed because she was late that she was driving 90 where only 50km/h were allowed.

The hospital made an hater of the elderly out of me..

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