Small things

Photo taken by Tiny (2009)

Sometimes there are small things in life which can make you unbelievablely happy.
Waking up feeling comfortable, safe and warm while the sun arises.
Drinking a so called "Steamer" (Hot steamed milk with honey)
in a nice café which is called "Bernstein" (Amber).

But what totally made my day was the beautiful waitress:
A petite, dark haired woman with a huge baby tummy.
She seemed to be illuminated from inside and healthy and happy.
Smiling and slightly humming.
I wanted to tell her, that she looks gorgeous but I did not have the heart to do it.

There is a German saying and it goes like this (roughly translated):

"What makes you alive are not the moments in which you are breathing
but the moments which take your breath away."
Do you remember the last time when something took your breath away?

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