Oh please I don't wanna be like them..

Why do some old, experienced nurses have to such bitches?
Is it an unwritten rule that every nursery trainee will be treated like shit at least once in the first year?
Today a girl from the new class almost cried her eyes out since a nurse shouted at her for things she impossibly could know.

Oh well.. Memories:

Almost a year ago I was in her shoes.
An old nurse (soon to be retired, thanks to the dark overlord -.-") had a really bad day
and I was young and helpless and with less self-confidence than today.
I wanted to do it right. I wanted to be the nice one, the hard-working one, the frugal one.
I had no idea how to move an inpatient from her wheelchair to her bed right so when she came to the conclusion that I'm not skilled enough, she screamed at me and labelled me as unsuitable, in front of all the inpatients, while the doors were open and with my colleagues who passed by looking into the room to see what was going on.
I bit my lips and went with a female inpatient into the bathroom to help her
and then I started to cry. At first without making a sound but my shoulders trembled.
The inpatient started to cry too.. Jeez, I felt so helpless and worthless and thought about quitting the job.

But obviously I survived.
Everyone survives it!
All we can do is to always remember how we felt when we were first-year trainees and to do it better.
It's def. possible to be a good role model without screaming and shouting and making other people/colleagues/patients feel like shit.
It's not an unwritten law to become exactly the same old grumpy bitch like the one who tried to ruin your day back then.

"Aegroti salus suprema lex" means:
The well-being of the patient is the supreme law.
So, do you think that you treat other people like you would like to treated?

Would you like you, if you were you? ;)

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