What I learned as a trainee :)

While I am sitting at my desk trying to learn for my exams (I really do, I swear!) I remembered something JFK said while I was still working in that other hospital.
Again he was doing a cardiac catheter examination and while he put this catheter in the womans heart he started rapping ("Check-check-ch-ch-check it out, what's, what's, what's it all about!")
Then suddenly stopped, looked at us and said: "If I were younger, I would lead da whole rap-scene."
Giggled and continued working.

Later he talked to a younger colleague of him who was upset because he said yes to do some extra work even though he actually didn't wanted to.

JFK: "Look, it's just like when you are in a sauna-club (aka brothel) and you cannot say no, in the end it will be only one thing for you: EXPENSIVE!"

Oh, JFK, I miss you and your wisdom :)

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