Weekly prescription

Lifts me up everytime:

And, why yes, sometimes I listen to hiphop. Who cares.

So let's begin!

Super Zen Noire

Created Equal - Very nice photos.

The Victorian era's kinky side Did you know that? Why don't they teach that in school. Would be much more interesting, I guess. The first few photos suit the article pretty well.

Naked city spleen - A naked girl in front of great urban landscapes. Nuff said.

Ultimate pirate bedroom - If I had the money and a son I would totally do that! Well.. Skip the son, I would do it for myself too.

And as always: Paris..


BF has been so kind to submit some super cool links you should check out as well.

The Mirrorcube Maybe the hotel of my dreams.

Nomskulls - Just what it says. For the little domestic goddess with style

Butterfly ceramics which are to beautiful to be true

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