Link love instead of continuing learning..

Since I did the Beating hearts, baby - post I have this Head Automatica song stuck in my head.

This song includes: Tiny dancing around like a total nut and singing/posing pretty pathetic :D

Message in a cookie - cutters
What kind of message would you put in your cookies?
And who would receive so cute cookies?
Secret love messages for your sweety?
Plain explanations of ingredients?
"Weed"? (Just kidding!)
or just a warning so no one eats your cookies?
"Beware of the owner!" or "Hands off or I'll bite your finger off!"
The possibilities seem endless.

Connected is a short movie I saw a few days ago.
The setting is really cool, even though the plot is a little bit lame.

An interview with Dita von Teese (It's some kind of girl crush thing, I guess)

The Lungashtray - Filling lungs with ash the stylish way

The guy who is named like a pagan god posted this in his away:

I like it somehow.

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