Link love

Custom Letters I like the one by Alison Carmichael

LazarevaValeria's flickr account is one of my favourites. I like her style.
(These 1,2,3 are my favourites I think)

20 weird English words

How to have an amazing day And we all want amazing days, don't we?

I admit:
When I saw this for the first time I had tears in my eyes. So sad and heart warming at once.

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  1. The letters are cool, I lile the one with the wave and the Slinkies the most :D

    Hell yeah, I could definitely use some of those words. Take Scopperloit for example. 'Stop this scopperloit immediately, you scallywag!'
    Or Tyrotoxism - it certainly does sound cool, also I'm all about the cheese.
    And don't get me started on Pronk. PRONK! That's the greatest word I've ever heard. I want to be Major Pronk.

    The 'Amazing Day' advice make sense, I sure do want more amazing days (although there have been many of those in the not too distant past). But I really despise the guy's writing style...