Wait, did I really listen to this back then?

Yesterday I had enough time to skip through the music on my PC.
Time goes by, guys..
Even though some of the songs aren't older than two years it feels like this was decades ago.
This is what Tiny listened to when she was young(er).

Please be gentle and don't judge me, I would like to book some of the songs under "follies of youth"
Hehehe.. In the end, J. was maybe right when he always told me that I was "a fucking emokid".
I know all the songs by heart even after years of not listening to them..^^

There is this one Mad Sin song: She's so bad that it's good.
I just can't find it online but it's still so awesome! :)
So if you don't like all the other stuff, that's totally okay, but check this Mad Sin song out!

I still love "Last Summer". Plus: I saw them live :)
I also like: A million miles by them.

Wow Ex's and Oh's is from 2006.

Planets is from 2005

Coheed and Cambria: A favor house Atlantic  The look of the singer makes me laugh everytime. K. and I danced around to this when we were out one evening.It's from 2003.

Hawthorne Heights: Decembers Love the lyrics:

"You don't have to speak because I can hear your heartbeat
Fluttering like butterflies searching for a drink
You don't have to cover up how you feel when you're in love
I'll always know I'm not enough to even make you think"

Sung this on Friday in the hall of my school. 

Rise Against: Like the Angel I remember that one night I went for a walk all alone in the evening when I hopped on benches and danced around to this like a total nut.

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  1. Last Summer's kinda cool, I really like the video. The second C&C song is sweet, the clip made me laugh :D
    Had the Hawthorne Heights song on my mp3 player for quite some time.. but when it comes to Afi, there's probably only two songs I could listen to: Miss Murder and this one: