Medical stuff

First things first:

A flickr set which is really breathtaking: Hospitals
(When I read that one of the hospitals is in Germany I was like: "WHAT!? Gotta go there!!")

And this made me smile:

The Laryngospasms (cool name!)

"Please give me one more try, I'm only ninety, much too young to die.."

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  1. I actually looked up Beelitz some time between watching the pics, you know, maybe have a little trip there & check out the hospital... but then I realized it's near Potsdam (and read it in the foot note for the VERY NEXT image..) which seems a bit far away to just casually stop by ;)
    Are there any such abandoned hospitals around here somewhere? Or is that building you checked out some time ago (of which you totally should post some pics in here btw) the closest thing?