Thanks to the dense anethesia!

Photo taken by Tiny (2010)

There was this very annoying, obese female patient who wanted the epidural anesthesia so bad. When the doctor explained it to her and wanted to start she said:
"What? I will notice what's going on? I will not sleep? I don't want it anymore!"
So he had to change everything and got more and more annoyed..

So when this lady was already under anesthesia he bend down to her head and whispered:
"And because you were such naughty hussy, you will not get a pillow from me, ha!"

He said it in a pretty funny voice.
I admit: I laughed..


  1. It's times like these that remind me NOT to piss off people who are there to help me or who do stuff for me.

    And that pic looks like some Hollywood-style alien mothership. Pretty cool.

  2. It's the super expensive new LED-lamp from the one million € operating room :D

    Inside this black thing in the middle is a camera! Pretty cool, huh?