Living in your very own private apartment...

"Hun, did you eat all of the cookies which were left in the cookiejar?"
"No, I thought you ate them."
His girlfriend continued typing very busy on her computer in the livingroom.
Stunned and a bit displeased he looked at the obviously empty jar.

This was the third time that they accused each other to have taken away food.
One time there was the empty milk carton left in the fridge, the other time she found
balled up plastic waste on the highest top shelf.

Things started to be a little too mysterious to be ignored.
"I'll find out where all the food vanishes.." he thought.
But at first he had go to the local building supplies store tomorrow.

It must have been one or two o'clock in the morning, when
someone leeched on to him and squeezed his hand
until he thought he could hear his bones break.
"Wake up! Wake up! There was a noise in the kitchen!!" although it was way to dark to see he could literally feel his girlfriends panic and hysteria.
"It's alright, probably you just woke up from a nightmare."
"Oh shut up, I've been awake and there was a noise in the kitchen! Could you please get up with me now to find out what it was?" she sounded like there was not the option to say no.
They got up and searched through the whole kitchen.
"See: Nothing's there! Can we go back to bed now?!" he yawned sleepily.
She nodded but didn't seem convinced.

The next day he bought a little observation camera and installed it on the cupboard so the whole kitchen was easily visible.

After a few days of recording nothing but the two of them cooking together or drinking their morning coffee while reading the newspaper he actually wanted to remove the camera but then they watched another tape with hit fast-forward button while waiting for the daily motion picture to begin.

His girlfriend checked the TV guide obviously bored when suddenly he gasped for air.
"HOLY CHRIST! Oh my god. Quick, pass me the phone!!"
She looked up to see what was going on on the TV screen.
Her eyes almost popped out.
"Is that....oh shit.." She passed him the phone without taking her eyes off the screen.

Even though the quality of the camera was not the best, there was obviously a woman creeping out of the loft hatch above the kitchen table.
She tiptoed through the kitchen, opened the fridge and took the milk carton and a few yoghurts and climbed back up.

The police officer told them after the investigations were finished,
that this homeless, mentally ill woman probably lived in their attic for a few months without them noticing. Her hair was messy but the police officer described her as pretty clean so he assumed that she used the shower too.
Up in the attic they found a bunch of plastic waste, old daily newspapers, an outworn sleeping bag and the woman's ID.

Needless to say his girlfriend insisted on moving out as soon as possible.
Into a apartment with a janitor and without attic.
They never talked about this again but every time he forgets an almost empy plastic bottle
in the fridge, he can see her starting shivering..


This video and reading this article (Creepy, huh?) inspired me to write this.

Hope you liked it and that you'll have a good, quiet night and extra sweet dreams.. ;)

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