Random thoughts

Holy shit, I'm freezing.

..A big cup of hot chocolate would be nice..

And it would be even nicer to cuddle up in bed with it.
(I'll take the one under the staircase, please.)

And it would be even more nice if I had my laptop with me to surf the internet pointlessly or read a good book.
A discworld novel would be awesome.
Dozing, waking up by the promising smell of... Whatever appeals to you :D
(I would prefer apple-cinnamon-crumble)

So is it possible to do all that right now?

No milk. Bad start.

It's cold in my bedroom. Not even a hot water bottle would compensate that.

Read all my Terry Pratchett books at least twice.

Bad preconditions I guess.

I'll prepare a cup of tea, sing along with this song:

and tidy up a little bit.

What would you love to do right now?
Be honest to yourself! ;)

Have an exciting, cozy, interesting weekend :)

1 Kommentar:

  1. Let's see...

    Basically I'd want to do all of the above, so hey, you busy this weekend? :)
    Also I desperately want to prepare the stuff for your calendar but I don't seem to get the time. Luckily everything changes next week ;)
    Btw: The smell you were referring to would be either freshly made pancakes (preferrably with maple syrup) or buns right out of the oven (the wholemeal ones). Or maybe cookies. But yea, apple crumble sounds awesome too.