Yeah.. Exactly what the title says..

Actuaaalllyyyy I should be learning now because we'll write an exam on friday
but since I'm the inofficial queen of doing a gazillion other things while I should do something very very urgently..

Trail of dead - Another morning stoner

So I thought about learning for half an hour now and I deceided to clean my room first, get rid of all the papers, sales checks and whatever..


I found the key to success! :-)

Photo taken by Tiny (2009)

Hope all of you have an successful day!

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  1. Mighty!...so what does it do? ^^

    I had a little success today, at least there were only few occassions where I didn't get the result I wanted. But I'm working on that.
    Other than that, yeah, my day's been pretty successful, I got done most of what I had planned. Do you call that success? (Although, I have yet to become the rockstar I plan to become, so there's that.)

    Oh yeah, and I ate the Chocolate Santa and one piece of marzipan (so far!), which to me probably were the highlights of the day :)